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New to skiing in need of some advice please :)

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Hi everyone!


I'm an Australian guy who is pretty new to skiing but has jumped right in and is spending two months on the slopes in Fernie, Canada.


I'm an average sort of build, about 185cm tall and weigh about 75kg. I'm skiing Line Anthem 178cm twin tip skis with Marker squire II bindings and Salomon Kreation boots.


I'm struggling to get my technique down at the moment. I cant seem to get may balance right and I can tell I'm not properly carving, I'm very sloppy and all over the place. I seem to be skidding rather than properly gripping the snow and don't feel properly in control.


I've added a couple of videos of my skiing so any advice or tips you can give would be much appreciated!




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G'day Gbane!


Have you been to a bootfitter? It looks like you have some significant alignment issues both laterally and fore/aft. I see you struggling to keep yor skis on the same edge angle by locking your knees together so that your legs form an "A" shape. I also see your butt very far behind your feet. This is forcing you to use your feet to twist the skis to make them turn and use upper body rotation to help the turn happen, Those moves are what are

causing "sloppy and all over the place". With proper alignment we can get you skiing in a taller stance with more even spacing between the legs from foto to hip and with more of your body weight centered over your feet. From this new home position, you will be able to make turn initiation movements that will help you make the same turns that you can see every one else making at Fernie.

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Three big problems in order of importance:


Video #1, about 14 seconds and other places...as well said above, look how your knees are closer together than your feet.  You need to go to a good boot fitter and get boot work done for alignment.  You knees must be over the center of your feet.


:22 seconds --- Look how far your feet are in front of your hips.  Bad, bad boy.  While at the boot fitter, ask about boot adjustments for fore & aft alignment (if he recommends heel lifts in the boots, try them but be skeptical--they work for a few people and are recommended for many).  After that, you must keep your heels behind your butt.  That can be done by keeping your body forward or pulling your feet back, but you gott'a do it.


:09 seconds --- Look how you're leaning to the inside of the turn.  Wrong!  After you correct the two problems above, do this -- ski with the tail (just the tail) of the ski on the inside of the turn tapping up & down on the snow a cm or two.  Just before the next turn, switch to the other ski (presently the downhill ski), and make your turn with that one continuously tapping up & down and keep doing it as that one is now on the inside of the turn.  When you go this so much you get bored, change so the tail (just the tail) of that ski is held a bit above the snow the same way as you tapped it.  The purpose of this is to get you to balance over the outside ski.


Fernie is great.  Have fun.


gbane, can you get to Calgary with your boots and skis?  You can not do better than a visit to Lou's Skiing Performance Center.  He is one of Epic's boot guys, and one of the best anywhere for skier alignment.  Yes, bring skis as well as boots, because the binding placement and toe vs. heel height matters.


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