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Getting to Zurich airport from Zermatt

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I have a 10:25 flight out of Zurich and it seems the earliest train arriving from Zermatt that morning is at 8:58.  Is this possible?  I've been in and out of other airports in less time just not on an international flight.  Never been through Zurich and not sure how busy it usually is at this time on a Wednesday morning?

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u should be okay, just don't daly anywhere.

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 Zurich has the nicest, cleanest, most efficient airport I've ever been in. I'm pretty sure their trains run on time, too. ;-)  Obviously anything can happen, but if I were going to schedule a close international connection anywhere, it would be there. Besides, if you get stuck there, it will be enjoyable.

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If you're flying to the US, it may be cutting it a little close. Anywhere in Europe and you're more than fine.

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We flew out of Zurich to the US 2 years ago. An hour and a half should be ok; that is about the timing that we had taking the train from Basel (we had a round trip via Zurich, but the last days of the trip I was a visiting professor in Basel). You can pretty much set your watch by the trains, as they are always on time. It's the best airport I've ever been in.

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If it is the earliest train, sounds like you dont have much choice.

It generally should be ok, but like any airport if your gate is at the end, takes a bit to get there. Aloso, if you depart from Terminal E, you have to allow a few minutes to traverse a tram to that terminal. I've flown through ZRH probably 50 times for work,and given your schedule I would be ok, but I generally don't stress about travel. Also as I travelled for work, had business class service.

Swiss timliness can cut both ways, the train is 99% or better ontime, but they leave if you are not there too and the airport can be less tolerate of the late passengers.

See the airport map at


As others pointed out, with the extra security for US departures, security will be little more tight.
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Take the night train and spend the night in Zurich instead.


I'd say you're cutting it tighter than you should, unless you have a fully-refundable no penalty ticket.


I've been through Zurich more times than I can remember. The problem is, precisely, that "extra security" for US bound flights. That extra step sometimes takes 5 minutes, or 50!


To be honest, that one time when the lines stretches 500 deep and took me nearly an hour to get through, I don't know if all the passengers on my flight made it or not. The plane was kind of half empty... ;-] (though most winter flights are rarely full)

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We were in Zermatt in February 2009.  We got the train out of Zermatt at about 3:00am.  This is a cog railway  which takes you out of the Zermatt Valley down to the town of Visp. Less than an hour train ride. From there you can take the train to the Zurich Airport.  The entire journey is about 3-1/2 to 4 hours.  You need to get to Zurich at least 2 hours before your flight.  So if you have a 10:30am flight from Zurich you need to live Zermatt at about 4:30am.  I think the trains from Zermatt run about once an hour during the night.


I love Zermatt but getting back to the USA always means a late night/early morning departure.  We usually stay up al night and sleep on the plane.

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I think you're cutting it a little close, I would head to Zurich after skiing the day before your return flight and stay at one of the hotels near the airport. Swiss time is what it is and they can be real sticklers about getting you to your flight if your a little late. I just wouldn't risk it.

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I've done the leave Zermatt early and fly home to the US all in one fell swoop program and it makes for too much travel time, stress & aggravation.  It's much better to leave for Zurich after your ski day.  Then you can spend the night and catch your morning flight on a more humane timetable.  I used to go to the Zurich train station, stash my ski stuff in a locker and stay in a downtown hotel.  The upside is that you get to enjoy a night in Zurich, have a nice dinner and tourist around a bit.  The downside is extra bag schlepping on and off the train.  I've taken to staying at the airport.  I've usually had enough Swiss quaintness by then and a more bland airport hotel experience is fine.  The easiest way to go is to stay at the Radisson which is right in the airport.  A bit pricier (Saturday nights are a bit less) but the convenience can't be beat. You can jump on the train into town and be there in 10 minutes if you want to get a downtown Zurich fix.  Avoid having the breakfast in the hotel if you want to save a few bucks.  Grab something in the airport while waiting for your flight.  There are other hotels in the airport area that are more reasonable than the Radisson and they do have shuttles to and from the airport.  Not all shuttles are free.

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if your first leg of flight is from Zurich to somewhere in the Europe, that will be more than enough time.  If you are flying directly from Zurich to the US, then it will be very tight on Swiss Air and even tighter if you are not flying Swiss Air (Swiss Air has a check-in counter 1 min from the train platform at Zurich Airport whereas you will have to walk about 10-15min to get to the counters of other airlines).  The problem is that there are added security checks and so on for flights to the US as required by the US government.  For example, Delta closes that security check of passport and question asking 1 hour before take-off at Zurich.

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