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hi all,

i'm looking for an eastern ski to compliment my stockli spirit pro's in 155cm.  heres where i'm at.

me: 5'6" 155 lbs, 30 plus years skiing, advanced east coast skier.

preferences: hardpack, soft snow, carving, speed, mainly eastcoast.

looking at:  stockli sinox, spirit globe and cross and laser versions, rossignol avenger 76, blizzard magnum 7.6, possbily atomic versions and a comparable fischer (loved my rx8's).

note:  i am going to a demo day next week end so i'm trying to get ideas, so i dont miss anything.


my stockli's are 155cm (maybe a bit short) but i love them for hardpack short turn ripping. but am looking for something more stable at speed with a little more underfoot that i can ski all day on.  probably going to go between 160 and 165 on these (i think?)

i did do some searches and got some good info, but was looking for input especially from western new york skiers or people that ski mainly hardpack but varying conditions.  thanks

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I have not been on them but I have read very good things on the Blizzard G-Force Supersonic and G Power. They come in 167 I think and are 72mm underfoot.

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totally forgot about those; miguel at mud sweat and gears highly recommended them.  thanks man!

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