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I get out of the Army this coming August and am planning to move west.  My main goals are to be a "working ski bum".  I don't plan on the whole washing dishes and living out of my car thing but having a real job and skiing as much as possible.  My plans are to find a job in AK between Anchorage and Girdwood that will pay enough for rent, food, and skiing. I also have a couple friends up in Anchorage who do lots of hunting and fishing so living off moose meat will probably be normal skiing or not.  Some people will say that Alaska has too high of a cost of living but I'm hoping to get a job on the north slope welding that works a rotational schedule so I get a couple week off at a time and I'll make a respectable salary.  I've also thought of applying to the resorts in CO for a winter job of some sort before I go north from there just for the experience.


I have done tons of reading though posts here, TGR, and newschoolers.  I'm looking for a pair of skis that can be used as powder and charging.  Yes I'm still young and dumb and get the biggest thrill of scaring the pee out of myself so I'll be hitting jumps and cliffs. (got great insurance already)  I'm 22 6'2" around 210lbs and have only skied in Maine so far and would consider myself pretty advanced for the east.  I like to ski aggressively and ski in the park. 


So far I've been looking into Armada JJs, and ANTs.  Considering the difference in turn radius I know there is quite a big difference but they seem to be the two that keep popping up.  I'm sure there are plenty of skis that fit my description and that I'm probably missing one that is even better.  That's where you come in.  Any advice that you can give me as to which skis fit what I'm looking for or at least some pro's and con's that would be a great help.  And anyone with experience on these skis please give me your personal opinion.


As for bindings I'm thinking about Jester Schizo.  I like the ability to move the binding forward and backward.


Any advice would be great.  I don't plan on buying anything until spring sales start and I'm back in the states.  I'm just doing my research now so I don't rush to buy when things go on sale.  Thanks in advance

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Your a big guy, so get some stiffer boards, Something at least 185 in length and 110 underfoot. Skip the demo bindings and just get some solid alpine ones mounted up correctly is my 2 cents.

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