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Instructor/Coach in Utah

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OK, I'm going to visit my daughter for a few days in Salt Lake.  Mermer Blakesley had suggested that I try to ski with Chip Loring at Snowbird, but of course he is busy over the holidays.  The ski school has suggested skiing with Carl Boyer.  Anyone know of him, or have suggestions for a coach?


A bit about myself.  I'm a level 8/9 skier who generally skis 40+ days a year.  I get lots of coaching, both by attending ESA's and by participating in the Breckenridge group lesson program.  I can ski most anything as long as it doesn't involve mandatory air.  Trees still spoke me, although I ski gladed runs ok.  I love the steeps, and feel my steep skiing (40+ degrees) has really solidified this year.  I'm still attempting to become more dynamic in my skiing, particularly in bumps and very variable snow.  I ski 90% of the time off-piste, generally at either Breckenridge or Copper, with a trip to Big Sky/Jackson and Aspen each year.


What I'm looking for is a solid coach to ski with as I will be by myself to provide some good instruction and (importantly) guide me to the good stuff.  I intend to ski either Snowbird or Snowbasin -- not really interested in the Park City scene at Christmas, and Alta always seems too flat to me (probably cause I don't know it).


Suggestions?  You can respond by PM if appropriate.



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PM sent.


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