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Need a new base layer

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What is everybody wearing for a base layer? Need to replace my 20 year old cap underwear. Got my money's worth. Still fits me its just beat.

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pati r1 or 2's or arc teryx  Rho LT. my Rho's are 4 years old and still like new. 

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merino. -33 or io bio. on promotive.

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+1 for IO Bio


Helly Hansen's LIFA is pretty good too. (also on promotive)

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I got a Mountain Hardwear zip-T last year that is made out of Polartec PowerStretch and it is amazing! It's a fairly heavy baselayer, but I was amazed out how it kept me warm but not too hot. I highly recommend Polartec PowerStretch if you want a heavier baselayer -- I think many of the top outdoor apparel brands make stuff out of this fabric. I'm also trying some lighter weight tops and bottoms this year made out of Polartec PowerDry fabric -- I've heard good things about this but haven't been able to test it myself yet.

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Yea I checked out the IO Bio the other day, looks nice. I like that hoodie too. Do you own it?


More options these days so didn't want to just get Patagucci without checking to see what's "hot" no pun intended lol.

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Only all wool.

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Top: Wickers zip front mock turtle from Sierra Trading Post

Bottom: CW-X Stabilyx Insulator 3/4 length (couldn't find any deals)

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have gone with old Patagonia Capilene 1 (Silkweight) and up to level 3, bought last year. Seldom cold enough not to use the old (semi-smelly) running layer (Capilene 1) so far. Also use some other Wickers or some such from STP. I seem to keep very warm by combining the Capilene w/a TNF fleece 1/4 zip thermal top under my shell...but living so close to Summit County I generally wimp if below 15 or so.

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Icebreaker would be another option for wool.


I found HellyHansen to have a strange fit/size.

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Usually use wool (Icebreaker or Ibex).

But I am going to try Phase AR (Arcteryx) for

a N2S top this year.  6'2" 186 lbs. and i fit a medium

(shop sent medium by mistake, arms and torso are plenty long).

Had ordered large.  For bottoms, nowadays usually just Skins and

a shell.  Start getting below 15 degrees add a wool layer.  For the neck


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Merino wool

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Hot chilly products or whatever's on sale. Even cheap synthetic stuff seems fine--anything's better than cotton. 

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l'll say this for my Hot Chillys stuff - after hundreds of ski days they still look practically brand new - no pilling or any seam issues.  Can't say the same for any of the Smartwool stuff I bought for the kids.  They also do not retain odor like some of the other stuff I've tried.

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I have found the Wickers brand stuff that I have bought off of Sierra Trading Post to be pretty effective and comfortable.  Can't speak for the durability yet as I've only worn them a few times but, so far the stuff has been excellent at keeping me warm on the slopes.

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A 2nd vote for the Helly Hansen LIFA stuff.  I've been using some variation of it for 22yrs and it works fantastic.  I still use two of the tops and one of the bottoms from 22yrs ago.

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Note about LIFA fit: it tends to fit guys with cyclist legs a _lot_ better than it fits guys with hockey legs.
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As mentioned before, merino wool is the best way to go.

I like icebreaker the best, extremely high quality, but have tried all the major brands. I have an io bio short sleeve tee, which is fantastic.

I recently ordered a stoic half zip. It was a good price on

Thee are so many good merino wool options these days, you really shouldn't ever have to pay full retail price if you are after basic tops and bottoms.
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I'll second the IO BIO and Icebreaker recommendations. Minus 33 isn't bad either for the price, but their waistband design isn't the best.  Too bulky.  


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