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Important Question about K2 .....vs ...Rossi

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A friend of mine just got some k2 a.mp. Wired skis from the sports authority. I can't find these skis anywhere on the internet(except from the sports authority). Are they real K2's..they are blue and red and say K2 all over?30510_1290191207.JPEG


They are the ones on the left...are they any good? Can anyone recommend me a good beginner/intermediate ski? I have been skiing 7 times and do alright.  I am 5'11" and 175lbs. Thanks

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You should be fine, it is not uncommon for a retailer like Sports Authority to have a SMU (Special Make Up) ski. In this case it is an entry level ski and should suffice fine for you. 

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boy, i tell you -- did the SA thing with a cheap ski when i was just starting---cost a little lower than this, didn't realize the difference, now I do. 


I recommend you contact Sierra Jim or anyone at STARTHAUS, normally some killer deals and i would bet beer on a better ski by far.  Free shipping too.  He got me into some Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuels for an outrageous price. 


Also the folks at Powder 7 normally ship for free/cheap and have very good deals on last year's demo/rental skis





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IMO, they are real K2s, but which K2?  Price alone tells me it could be an entry level ski, but maybe it's just a poor seller from a few years ago because there was no demand for a higher level ski in SA, or maybe it's a lost leader.  th_dunno-1[1].gif A Pontiac G3 Wave and a Cadilac CTS V coupe are both "real" GM cars, but they are not quite the same.

Also imho, entry-level skis are a complete waste of money; your skills should outgrow them in a few days. 


So how do you tell?  Go to a real ski store and fondle the good skis.  The main difference between entry level and and upper level is in the torsional rigidity and longitudinal flex.  See how hard it is to twist the tips and tails while holding the centre.  See how easily or not they bend.   Remember that as a very general rule of thumb, easier bending is better in soft snow and harder bending is better on hard snow.   Torsional rigidity is a good thing.


Now go to SA and do the same with the skis you are thinking about.


You may just end up buying a good ski from a good store.

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If cost is an issue, consider a leftover ski from last season.  You'll get a better ski that will serve you better as your skills improve.  Look for an intermediate or "sport" ski, not a beginner/novice ski.  And don't buy too short - 160 to 170 would seem to be about right depending on the ski.   

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Some good suggestions already. One more...




They carry a lot of 1-2-3 year old skis at very good prices.


Poke around and talk to some of these folks about what you think you'd like. They'll help you figure it out.

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Your title asked for a comparison between K2 and Rossi. Typo? If not, to keep it simple: K2's=Recently dead uncle feel. Rossis=Still breathing cousin feel. 

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