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Where's the owner's manual for my new skis?

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at $700. most things I would buy come with an owner's manual, bikes, tvs, phones, ski boots even.


Why don't skis come with one?  that would be so cool. then if you bought your skis off season, you'd have something to do.


What info would be in the manual? that may be the rub, as we've discussed the industries lack of interest in providing information.


(note: the manual that came with my Trek EX was a POS, trying to use the same manual for about 20 models of bike, and lacking, therefore, adequate detail to maintenance the bike. there must be cost involved in having a manual produced)

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It's hard for me to imagine any content they might produce that couldn't become some sort of legal liability.  Once the lawyers got done with it, there would be little more than "Congratulations on your new skis.  We worked very hard to make them.


What we'd want, of course, might include suggested/factory tune angles, binding mount point suggestions, recommended conditions, recommended skiing techniques, construction details, repair procedures, etc.  I'm not holding my breath.

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Some custom skis have an owners manual, but with mass produced ones there is no way.  Can you imagine the manual stating, "Make certain your bases are flat..." when some skis hit the shops with bottoms so concave that when placed tip-to-tip they resemble the Holland Tunnel?  Or, "Make sure your edges are sharp..." only to have a "Litigation Larry" claim his client caught an edge following that advice and hit a tree?


You are absolutely right, for the $ we pay there should be a manual stating clearly the base and side bevels, detailed mounting instructions (glue/no glue, type of recommended drill bits, etc.), suggested base prep, and recommended maintenance.  The custom ski makers do this because they are trying to set themselves apart from the big manufacturers.  The big ski manufacturers think they will avoid lawsuits by not having a "manual."   Unlike the boot, binding and clothing manufacturers, there is no "manual" attached to most skis.

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Like most mass produced things these days they are cutting costs wherever they can.  You have to go to the manufacturer's website and download the manual and print it with your own paper and ink if you want anything beyond a "quickstart guide" for most things these days..

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