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Head ski boot help

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I'm thinking about buying some  Head Vector 120 boots. I just wanted to know what some of you experts thought about this boot. I'm 6 foot, 200 lbs, ski mostly fast groomers, with some off. Any knowledge on the boot or reviews would help. thanks!  

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If the boot fits it is a great option. The spineflex buckles work well. Helps keep constant contact with boot, liner, and foot thru flexing of the boot. We have had great luck fitting the vector series from Head. Did you have it fit from a bootfitter? The boots do run generous. Good Luck..........

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Thanks. I did have them fit thru a bootfitter. I tried on a few different pairs and like 2 or 3 different pairs but seem to lean towards these. When you say generous, do you mean price? Also the bootfitter said that if I buy them to pack them out before bringing them back for a custom footbed if needed. Is that normal? Thought maybe that was done when you bought them. Its been a while since I've bought a pair of new boots. Thanks for all your help.   

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