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tecnica dragon slayer and salomon impact CS shell length

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I would really need some information on the boots mentioned above.


My foot is measured at 30.9 cm and 106 width.


I had the dragon slayer fitted in 30.5 and it was a nice snug fit (also did a shell fitting.....heel space 1.6 cm with the sides ligthly brushing the shell)


Although i could see my toe pressing agains the liner (when outside of the shell) I didn't feel discomfort as it's really soft neoprene....is that an issue (toes "streching" the liner)?


The shell had a number on the sole saying 310 (which I don't know what it stands for) and the shell length of 350mm.


My question is do the 30.5 and 31 have the same shell and should i go with the bigger liner?


My only dislike about this boot was a pressure point on the insides of my shins.


I was also looking at salomon impact 10 CS, but i'm still searching for the right size....i would like to know which mondo's share the same shell length and what is the actual shell length for 30.5 and 31 cm?



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in just about all boots,  XX.0 and XX.5 share the same shell. so either 30.0 or 30.5 will fit the same in the end.  31.0 WILL NOT.


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thanks for your response.....so i guess there's not much margin for error left  smile.gif


I wasn't sure because of the 310 number imprinted on the soles of the tecnicas.


What about the impact's, are they generally a higher volume shell than the dragon slayers?

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for low impact recreational skiing (under 20 days per season) 1.6 shell fit is ok.


for some perspective on width, a 100 mm forefoot width boot is 100mm in a size 26 shell. that width goes up approx 2-3mm for each size. so lets say for the sake of matching you to a boot that is close to the shape of your forefoot, we would be talking about a boot that is110mm in the forefoot of your size.


try on some 98mm forefoot models before you spend good money on a very large boot.


there still is the issue of girth or height of your foot, however a large foot(30.5 mondo) ain't so big and wide at 106.



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to put it mildly i'm pissed off.

Been to the local shop again with my ski socks and got the boots on again for 45 minutes (even steped outside for 15 minutes, sub zero temperature :) )


my soles started crampin and tingling....the toes were oka though.....it seemed odd, but i insisted on another measurement and behold....my foot width is 112 and not 106 eek.gif


So i guess it's back to the drawing board.


Seems the custom shell will be the only way to go...


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ANY shell can be made wider by 5+mm per side.  The salomons do it a bit easier, but this same work can be done to any boot.   Your drawing board just got a lot bigger with options.  (like the boots you where in, just widened)


when you are just in the shell only, was your foot touching the sides of the shell?

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yes, i felt the shell at each side of my foot (with the liner taken out).....i wasn't pressing or anything, I could just feel the plastic.

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sounds like you just need that boot widened a bit?  (or a bit wider boot overall)   either will work

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My main dilemma that i'm facing is that after trying on and fitting multiple boots, i still find the tecnica dragons by far the best fit with the exception of the width.


All others, eventhough they were better with regard to width, they were much more unpleasant in the toe box.


Does boot widening by heating them influence the boots characteristics?


Oh and btw, when I checked nordica speedmachine it was imprinted on the soles that the same 350mm shell is used for three sizes, not two....30.0-31.0.


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stretching that much will not effect the boot.


get a tight fit in the heel, and make the rest wider.

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Thanks for all your help


I decided to go with the dragon slayers (i also have an alternative, last year's dragon 110, but it squeaks terribly) and I will have them widened a bit.


Just as an information, when we were talking about shell lengths......the atomic hawx 110 has the same shell for sizes between 30 and 31.5 eek.gif .....that's four sizes!!!!  I was swimming in the hawx's.


So i noticed when the mondo sizes reach 30, the manufacturers start bundling more sizes into same shells (the same goes for nordica).....not true for tecnicas though :)

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