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Please help me choose

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Hello everyone,


I can't make up my mind which skis to get. I got stuck between Volkil Kendo and Dynastar Slicer and cant decide what's best for me.

Please pardon me if I am not able articulate my preferences very well so your thoughts and general considerations will be very helpful.


About myself:


I am 42 years old 5'3" 140lb fairly athletic (long distance running, biking) I started alpine skiing late in life (about 28) but I was doing cross country (nordic) since early childhood. I skied for 6 years and was told that I did fairly well. I was skiing mostly Alta and Snowbird and did most of Katherine's and terrain around Little Cloud lift fairly well. I had an injury (not ski related) and did not ski for 7 years or so. I would like to get back to skiing (carefully because of the injury).


I was doing roughly 60/40 off/on piste skiing and as far as I can judge I did and liked aggressive, fast and energetic turns especially on groomers.


All six years skied K2 Merlin IV 187cm which were pretty long for my height and took some work to control on bumps  but worked well (I have nothing to compare it to) on groomers and ok on powder.


Now I have no idea how a shorter and much wider ski would work for me. I know I will be skiing almost exclusively  west coast and would like to do 60/40 terrain/groomed skiing. I will not likely to try moguls and I might be forced to ski more groomers because of  the injury  (just do not know yet) 


I talked to some ski shop guys and they recommend Slicer over Kendo saying Kendo is too stiff and not so great for west cost off trail skiing and that Slicer is much more versatile and enjoyable. One guy said so even though he did not have Slicer for my height and had Kendo and potentially lost a sale :-)


I was also reading various reviews and demo reports on Kendo and Slicer on this forums and they are mixed and I am not sure how to evaluate them. I almost decided on Slicer but then found this review that worried me a bit. I would prefer energetic powerful turns review implies the opposite. I do not have experience skiing on different skis and I am not sure how relaxed is relaxed (I am sure GS champion relaxed turn would be a super powerful one for me :-)


Dynastar 6th Sense Slicer

I skied this (along with several others in my group) and we all came away with similar conclusions. This ski is definitely built for the skier who tends to take turns in a fairly relaxed manner. Those aggressive on and off the edge will find they overpower it: it likes to slowly, deliberately, and smoothly be coaxed onto edge. I found it to be predictable and reliable, but soft, and favoring more of a moderate speed, moderate energy skiing style.



I realize I did not provide you with enough info to provide good advise  but I am not sure what else to say 

Please, give me your thoughts or ask some questions and help me decide


I have choice of 163 or 170cm Kendos and 169 Slicer. If you recommend Kendo what size would be better for me?


Thank you very much in advance,




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I have skied on Kastle's since 1962 and was glad when they came back on the market.  In my opinion Kastle skis are the best.  My Kastle's are easy to control and me a better skier.  

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Find a store that will let you put your demo rental fee towards the purchase and try them both, along with some others. 

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With your height and weight, I think you are right on with regard to length.  I am older than you and slighty taller (5'7") and heavier (150lbs).  My first pair of shaped skies were K2 Merlin III at 188cm.  The newer skis in the 165-175 lengths are good replacements.  I am currently on a pair of Fischer Progressor 8+ at 165cm.  I agree with the suggestions to demo if you can.  There are lots of good skis out there today and few really bad ones.  it's a matter of finding one that suits where you ski and what you like.  

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Thank you guys,


I wish I could demo but I am on east coast (DC area) and there are very few shops here and I do not think they do much of a demo

I could wait and try to demo and buy at Salt Lake City but I would hate to waste skiing time for shopping (I guess I could try to reserve ahead of time ....)


Hopefully someone with experience with Kendo and/or Slicer will give me an advise. After all most modern skis are pretty good. I just do not want to end up with too specialized skis or skis which are so much free-ride/fun/jump that they inhibit learning/enhancing of my basic technique or boring/sluggish on groomers. That's why I had some concerns with Slicer. Length is an unknown for me as well I guess 163 for 5"3" should be ok but they seem so short :-) 




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Good llink to reviews of both SierraJim!  Note I have never skied either ski.  My current "western" ski is the Dynastar Legend 8000.  If I was looking to replace it now, the Dynastar Sultan 85 would be at the top of my list, not one of the two mentioned.  But that's me and your final choice depends on what you are looking for.

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Thank you SierraJim! 

I have read all your 2011 reviews and am leaning towards Kendo. What would be your recommendation as to the length for Kendo - 163cm or 170cm?

I am short 5'3" but athletic and weight about140lb. The 163cm length-wise is probably a better match but I am wondering if 163s behave the way 170/177 behaved for various reviewers you included and if I am not better of going with 170 even though they might be a bit long for me.

With you huge experience in various skis, please give me your best educated guess 163 or 170 or I would have to go by ski shop guys advise (163) - enthusiastic but very green kids :-)  


Thanks again,


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