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Snow Pro Jam

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The first bear to recognize me in the bar Monday night gets an Epic hat.

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No way anyone was going to accept one of your prized possessions.   I bet you're wearing it right now.   Great week at Mt Snow.

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From one Rotator Cuff injury victim to another - it was great to meet you Rusty, and you too Keoki.


I've been icing and testing it all the time. :-)  Skied 2 runs Friday morning and had to bail as the pain was so bad and holding my hand against my side was just causing technique problems.  Saw the Doc today, starting PT Jan 4.  Don't know when I'll go out again to try all the great things I learned.

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Steve - good luck with your PT.   I was one week away from surgery a couple of years back and decided to give PT another go and it worked fabuously for me.   Hope you have a similar result.

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Keep those positive thoughts flowing and you will be back on the slopes in no time.  As I mentioned to you at the SPJ, I injured my right rotator cuff a few years back at a SPJ on the first day out.  I called my ORS later that day and he told me not use my right arm but I could keep skiing.  (My ORS is also a skier and very passionate about the sport and knows that I hate to be on the sidelines since our season is so short.)  Skiing with one pole took some getting use to but I made it through the week.  I saw my doctor upon my return and was advised to sit out for a few weeks and PT helped immensely.  Hope you have a full recovery and are back on the slopes soon.

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Thanks Arleta, I'm doing much better after 10 days off and plan to go skiing on Wednesday!

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Steve, that is great news!

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