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Kicking Horse Resort

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I like some feedback on anyone who has been to Kicking Horse Resort near Golden BC


What were the lines like to get up the lifts on the mountain?


What are the runs like?


IF one takes the big gondola that goes right to top, do all runs u have to walk to? or can u ski direct from?


Does this resort have good variety of terrain over some place like Whistler and Revelstoke?


What is best recommendation for accommodation/


is staying in Golden and drive to the resort every day the best cheap option ?


How many people out there have done it and how would u rate the resort out of  a scale 1 to 10?


What is the best month to go?


What is the best run there?



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I've never been there (though I'd love to go, looks sick). But I'm pretty sure there was a post just like this not a week ago. Try searching or scrolling through this forum and you'll probably find it.


ETA: It was your thread. WTF? Looks like you already got all those answers. You cheating on a Kicking Horse report or something?

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Yeah, it was started by the OP.  It is starting to smell like a marketing scheme.

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Why do the failed TGR trolls wind up here.

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