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Wow I am out of shape...going to take a few days to work that rust off. Knocked off several peaks in the summer (scrambling) and did a decent amount of running early in the summer but wow, never felt so out of puff while skiing. 


Fun day, could have used more snow at Lake Louise.  They advertised it as "every lift now running" (as of Saturday), "Amazing snow in the back bowls" but they really only had the Summit Platter and Paradise chair running to say all lifts were open.   Paradise Bowl - closed, you could only do the one run off the Paradise chair and that run you already had access to from Top of the World.



Still, felt good to strap the boards to my feet again...tomorrow morning is going to come early.

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Even after 30+ years, there's always a little trepidation the first time I get off the lift for the first time in 8 months.


Guess I'm in better early season shape than I've been in a while. Bombed around the groomers at Stratton (no other choice, but on day one that's a good thing) Saturday with my 17 year old son. He was actually chasing me some of the time...


Legs felt a little tired the next day but I wasn't sore at all. Had plenty left for a couple of hours in the morning before the snow turned to serious rain.


No ill effects today either. It's going to be a good year.

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Originally Posted by nolo View Post

It was like falling in love all over again. 

Ditto Nolo...only this season, with Bud Heishman's help(Boot, not medical), both legs are now equal in length and the right ski...with canting, now riding flat... What a feeling...given the legs are outta shape..

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Day 1 - 11/6 - Killington Vt => last run, on a flat, caught an edge, skied popped off and dislocated right shoulder = OUCH !!!! Foutunately popped back in when I rolled to get up. Day 2  - 12/4 - still sore but good time as long as no more tumbles this season on the shoulder.

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First day of the season at Killington on 12/11.  It felt great and so did I the next morning - let me say that I am a firm believer in the Skiers Edge downhill ski simulator.  I use it 2 - 3 times/week all year round and it makes a real difference.

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Day 1 - 11/6 - Killington Vt => last run, on a flat, caught an edge, skied popped off and dislocated right shoulder = OUCH !!!! Foutunately popped back in when I rolled to get up. Day 2  - 12/4 - still sore but good time as long as no more tumbles this season on the shoulder.

My goal is the same as every year - to not hurt myself."  Bode Miller 


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it was great, felt just like last year, havnt even taken a fall yet, im sure i will within a week or two though.

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Originally Posted by annette View Post

First day back was nothing different from the last time i skied. I've never really experienced having a tough first day back. Not to sound rude or anything, but is it seriously that common? Why? Did you forget how to turn? Get weaker? Or is it something that happens when you get older?


I think it's different for different people. And it comes down to a few factors...

Athleticism: some people are natural athletes. Others aren't. I fall into the latter category and have been lucky enough to somehow excel in skiing. But when I spend time off the hill, it takes a while for the muscles to remember how to perform. I can envision what I want to do--I just can't execute properly. Usually a clinic day helps loads. (eg today was an instructor training day at WB and I'm back to about 80% from 50%.) 

Off-season activity: It sounds like folks who were inactive like me (whether due to couch potato-itis, injury, or other) had a harder first day back. If your muscles were strong in the ski season then weak in the off season, all that nice one foot skiing/dolphin turns/thousand steps you were doing before suddenly become hard/impossible. 

Mental: There's a principle of psychology called regression where you tend to lose a bit of skill/behaviour change during periods of inactivity. I think it applies here too. And if you feel pressure to actually perform well, if that's important to you, you may end up skiing worse because of it.   

I suspect ability and experience are factors too. 


Age could be a factor as well, but as I just turned 30, I'd like to think I'm not too far past my prime. 


Anyway, day two was miles better! So for anyone less than thrilled with their first day back--don't worry--everything will come back :)

Thanks for a great answer =)

Pete No. Idaho, no worries. Difficult to understand peoples sarcasm online sometimes.


Had my 3rd day in the slopes and off the slopes on sunday. It was lovely. It was snowing like crazy the entire day. Dumped about 40 cm of snow that day. We went in to get some food for about 40 minutes, and if it wasn't for me leaving my poles standing, we would never have found our skis again. They were completely snowed down. 


What sucks about norway is that it gets dark at like 2 pm, so we only got a couple of trips off piste. 

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Annette,   believe me you are NOT past your prime at 30.   When you are still skiing at my age you don't even think of "your prime" only today, tommorrow and your serious assault on your bucketlist. Have a great season, good health and above all see the mountains, trees, pillows and challenges and have fun doing so.icon14.gif

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Originally Posted by Pete No. Idaho View Post

Annette,   believe me you are NOT past your prime at 30.   When you are still skiing at my age you don't even think of "your prime" only today, tommorrow and your serious assault on your bucketlist. Have a great season, good health and above all see the mountains, trees, pillows and challenges and have fun doing so.icon14.gif

Anyone seen what tree I leaned my walker up against??? its easier at my age then them ski poles but it kindda get hung up in the moguls!!


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It went pretty well.  My legs were tired, but I wasn't as skittish about the chairlift or going fast like I was last year (which was my first return to the slopes in ~15 years).


I had enough confidence today to try and go through a little (12 foot long) section of powder as I was coming off of a groomed run, which led to a spectacular cartwheel at the end of the day. 


Next time I'm not going to hit the powder puddle when I'm bombing the end of a run.

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Ugh. First day back after tearing my ACL and MCL in a slalom race last season (surgery in March) with boots that I still haven't quite gotten the strength back to flex all the way was not fun. Ungroomed conditions did not help at all, I could barely keep control of my turns.

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I ski almost 100% in the backcountry, and early in the season I run out of uphill wind a lot faster than I do downhill legs.  No different this year.


I couldn't buy a turn on my first day, although conditions were difficult (very stiff knee-deep snow).  Yesterday I ripped (w00t!) in knee-deep cold smoke.  Full-on hero snow.  Wish I had enough wind for another six laps.  5 days downhill so far.


I ride bikes and hike in the off season, start skiing XC as soon as we get snow to start building wind.  Also yoga for balance/flexibility.

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I'm a couple years shy of 50. Every year I find that my body remembers perfectly all the (mostly) outdated movements I learned in the '70s, and very little of the good technical progress I've made in this century. Every year I'm better at the end of the season than I was the year before, but every December it takes me a little longer to get back to that spot. It's sort of like "ontogeny recaptulates phylogeny," thing that we learned in high school biology, where the human embryo has to pass in nine months through all the phases of millions of years of evolution - tadpole, etc. - before it becomes a mini human. Every year I have to re-play my own lifelong evolution as a skier.


The early season flat light prevalent here in New England - except between 10:47am and 12:18pm rolleyes.gif - increasingly takes a toll, as I become less and less willing to fly into mystery terrain at speed.  One reason I ski a lot better in the spring is the simple factor of being able to SEE.


Doing a lot of XC riding in the off season does help with the cardio and the sense of speed and balance. Not so much with the core strength. When it gets too dark and cold for biking (for me, anyway), I try to get to the gym for strength and agility workouts. They definitely make a difference. It always seems like the holidays manage to sap a lot of the all-important consistency from this effort at exactly the time of year when it's most needed. Not because I eat too much; just because there are always more claims on my time, for a variety of reasons. For some reason my trips to the gym never seem to place high on the priority lists of either of my bosses.


I've been out three days - all on the crowded man-made hard pack that's standard at this time of year in the east. Starting to get the feel back, but it takes that long. We desperately need some real snow that is not followed by rain, so that the hills can open enough terrain to disperse the crowds enough to open the throttle safely, and also possibly provide the opportunity for some bump and tree skiing. Right now it's strictly the white interstate. It's killing me looking at all the trip reports from JH and elsewhere that already have more snow than we get in an entire season!

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first day back was a return to skiing after a 10 year layoff.


Surprisingly good, actually. I'm in better shape now than I was 10 years ago, and current model skis ski much better than what I was on before.

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double post

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Pretty nice, besides the shin bang...frown.gif

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  Got out this last Monday and Tuesday at Boyne Mt., took me 2 hrs 15 min. from Interlochen where I had been working the last 2 weeks, to BM(70 miles) after howling blizzard of last 2 days!! First two runs were moving around finding the skis and my sweet spot, then I got the parallelogram working and Bingo! back to having a blast.

  Only got in the afternoon on Monday due to ridiculous drive time on crapped out 2 lane roads. Conditions were irritating because of limited terrain(it's limited even when its all open!!) and was exacerbated by snow guns blowing full across the one major slope that the express chair runs up- rimed goggles every time going up or down unless you put a hand up to block-PIA while skiing down. Found that if I skiied down right below and next to the guns all the spit missed me, mostly, and got some fun untracked stuff and rollers from the manmade build up. Tuesday was more of the same with less of the snowgun problem and mild ski specific soreness but was able to go bell to bell with a lunch break and aft. break. Turns felt very good and I was having fun cutting GS turns like my hair was on fire. 

  A rarity was the fact that the sun was out quite often, unusually good visibility for boyne and early season. Snow under guns was a little more challenging but it was a good start to what I hope is a great season. Can't wait to get to Snowbasin and JH in late Feb.!!! Have a great year all!!



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Spent the past 5 days at Whistler, which is (truly) not the best mountain to get first season turns in, as the combination of (typical) dreadful visibility, low flat light, and heavy snow (rained on Sunday), made for legs that are now the same consistency as egg noodles.


Started on Tuesday with the ObSETHed's, and got on 7th Heaven just after it opened with 8-10 of heavy wet. Mistake for first turns of the year in heavy snow with wide skis and unused legs.


Wednesday morning felt surprisingly good so did a 6+ hour day (another mistake) with the new Sultan 85's I just got mounted. Nice skis, but I'm not sure I'm in love with them.


Thursday woke up and knew that Wednesday's overdoing it was a mistake, but, oh well, let's try again with the Mythic Rider's and see how they compare to the Sultans. Not a pretty picture.


Friday I skiied with my Mountain Host buddy who's been working out (%#*^!), and didn't make myself proud. Weather was clear however, a novelty at Whistler.


Today I woke up and said to myself that with my legs screaming, the visibility dreadful, and the Saturday tourons all over the hill, maybe a nice drive up the Sea to Sky might be just the thing for a nice afternoon.


Thankfully the legs will heal up for 2 January and SLC.

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Again this year I approached the first day without any excitement.  I almost had to make myself go.  I could think of lots of other things that I could be doing, but I knew what would happen when I put my skis on, and it did.  As soon as I made my first turn it all came back like a hot kiss at the end of a wet fist.  Bang! I was in love again.

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How do you feel you skied your first day back this season? Did you manage to ski at the same level as the year before? And did your off-season conditioning help as much as you'd expected?


My "off-season conditioning" this year consisted of sitting in a computer lab finishing my Master's degree.  I also got new liners in my boots, and new skis.


Felt pretty good on my first day, which was instructor training on a WROD.  A little sore the next day.  Felt pretty good skill-wise.  Took a few runs to get the feel of the new boots.  I stayed on the old skis so as to not completely mess myself up.


Days 2-3 were ESA Stowe, on the new skis.  Challenging weather conditions were wearing me out; didn't make it all the way through day 2.  Calves were real tight for a day or two.  I feel like I made some technical progress.  New skis were good, although now I need a base grind because I found a couple rocks...


Day 4 was yesterday.  Skipped the last run because my legs were getting tired and the conditions were getting icy.  Feel fine today.


It's still as fun as it was last year!  smile.gif

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Young man below has longer new skis, quite excited and new boots (growing thing going on..kind of) and was rusty but was getting his 'groove' back by day 2, he's been waiting for the snow ever since his boots were fitted to his ski..


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First few runs, I felt like there was a big disconnection between my feet and my brain.  My mind and body were not in sync!  After a few runs (and some adjusting of my boots) I made a lot of progress.  I definitely got closer to where I wanted to be by the end of the day.  I went Mach Schnell from the summit at Hunter to the base and was definitely my finest run of the day.  I'm definitely feeling better for my next time out. 

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Hey guys, 


If your first day didn't put you where you wanted to be, an objective set of eyes can really help to call out the issues affecting your skiing. Chances are it's something really simple that you just need called out. For example, my first day wasn't stellar--it turns out I wasn't getting anywhere near low enough in my flexion and not managing the pressure building under the ski. 

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The last two Saturdays were my first of the season. This past Saturday was my first powder day in  25 years (yeah, that long). I celebrated by using the same skis I used on that last powder day so long ago. K2 710'sski.gif


It was great!

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