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Finally going for it, but it's a risk

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I'm starting my own ski business next winter in Switzerland. Hopefully have my first bus full of guests from Poland, about 50 people. Also have another busload interested. To make it work, I'm going to have to give up my current job, which is a bit scary with a wife, kids and mortgage.

What made me do it? Well, like everyone else, I'm sick of working for a someone else, plus I think they're aiming to get rid of me next July anyway. I know too much.

So, instead of going back to work in a hospital, which is ok, but not great, and instead of working for the ski school, which will never earn me enough to support the family, I'm going to do something I've always wanted to do. Be my own boss and do something I love.

It's gonna take a lot of hard work, but I'm putting in a lot of work right now.

Will let you know how things progress.

Oh, and if anyone wants a ski buddy when they visit switzerland, I'm happy to show anyone around. (that's not part of the business, just being a nice guy)

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FANTASTIC!! Good luck with it hope you can do it for as long as you want. and if it doesnt work over the long hall you still gave it a shot..

Great for you and good luck for sure.

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You'll never have to go through life wondering "what if". Don't be discouraged early on, it's tough out there to start up and I'm sure you're prepared for it. For what it's worth I think you are very courageous to do what you love in life and I think it's a great example to set for your kids. Have a blast

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Sounds great! Good luck! What type of business is it?


Just don't get so bogged down that you forget to ski! I hear there's a nice resort or two over there in Switzerland.

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offering affordable ski holidays in switzerland is what I'm offering. I know the best places to ski, the best places to do it cheap etc. I've got a lot of customers from  poland interested. (my wife is polish).

The polish don't have a lot of money, but when 50 of them rent their own bus, the save money and bring their own food. I'm providing lodging and will be the host on their arrival to get them settled in, have ski passes ready, and be there to help out where need be. I'd be availalbe for guiding etc.

I've got the perfect ski resort set up, it's huge, but not many people know about it, it's high ie village is at 2000meters altitude and north facing. So great skiing, reliable snow, and it's not crowded. It may sound too good to be true, but I've spent several seasons there and it's truly fantastic.

Also, as it's not so well known, the prices are great.

I'm also going to target fellow antipodeans in london, ie kiwis/aussies and south africans. I know what they want and I also know how limited their options are due basically to their lack of knowledge of where to ski in europe.

Anyway, am busy planning everything now.

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