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General resting and body maintenance

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So I'm hoping to get some advice on how I should rest my body as I continue to pile up the days.




No knee, shoulder, or other major joint injuries in my life.  Broken bones are limited to meta-carpals/tarsals.


Whitewater kayaking 100+ days for the past 4 summers.

Skiing 100+ days for the past two seasons, currently around 30 days this season.


To the point:

I feel these two sports compliment each other in the sense that the major joints used get a season of rest in between.


This season I actually have a great job that allows me to ski whenever I want.  Problem is I've had some interesting things happen as of late with my knees. I feel like I may be overworking my joints and it could be leading me to problems.


I was hoping someone could shed some light on how much rest I should be giving my body, what type of stretching will be good for knee maintenance (ballistic or static?), and if I should be worried if I feel a tad bit weaker in my knees in certain situations (the other day I ate s^$& coming down spaulding in knee deep, at the last second I had the epitomy that letting go and falling would be better than pushing my knee to do something that could blow it out).


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I personally think everyone's body needs at least one day of rest a week. Now that can be active rest - go for a walk or hike or light bike ride. But it should be free of working out or athletic performance.


Beyond that, I think one thing in common with both of your activities is that you spend your days in a fairly hip-flexed position. This means your hip flexors and abs are at risk of shortening and your glutes and back musculature are at risk of lengthening (which is not actually a good thing). 


Considering that, I'd suggest some strengthening or "activation" exercises for the stuff that's likely too long and some stretching for the stuff that's probably too short. 


As for type of stretching, I'd suggest you pretend you've never heard of ballistic stretching. I actually can't think of any situation where that would be recommended. Static or dynamic is what you want. Or both. Dynamic is typically fairly slow and controlled, with multiple short holds in the 2-5 second range. Static should be a 1-3 reps of 15-60 seconds, depending who you talk to. 


The knees respond to what happens at the ankles and hips, so keep those areas moving well and the knees will be happy.



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Also consider some extra activity during the summer that's a bit lower-body focused.  You're probably losing both strength and size off your legs over the summer and rebuilding over the first couple months of skiing.  You're going to hurt your knees over time skiing, anyway, but both fatigue and other effects of a long summer layoff can make you a bit more vulnerable. 

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I would like to recommend fish oil - Carlson liquid fish oil.  3 or 4 tbl spoons a day.

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I do take the dog and wife disc golfing about 3 times a week if that counts for keeping up my legs in the summer.

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