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Dale Boots?

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Has anyone here any personal experience of Dale Boots in SLC? The website indicates that the boots are essentially custom made. I'm going to be in UT this season and need new ones.


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I don't have personal experience but I sometimes ski with a guy here who got Dale boots about 3 years ago.  He continues to rave about them and yes, they are a custom made boot or at least his were.  If I remember correctly the price was about what you would expect from a high end boot.

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They were a popular freestyle skier's choice after Scott boots fell out of favor around 1979-1982.  I knew a lot of folks in the MidWest that really dug them.  Not sure how today's Daleboots compare to those though..

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I do not have personal experience with Daleboot, but my cousin has been on them since the 70's (gets a new pair every 5 years or so)-he is a volanteer patroller at Beaver Mountain and really likes his.


They are not too stiff-custom made-he will not even try another boot. He is a solid skier, but not too agressive.

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Thanks guys, appreciate the info.

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They are great. I have the VFF Pro. They take a lot of time with you and it is a 2-3 step process. If you come here and expect boots the same day, it won't happen. They take all measurements, check stance, etc. Then they make the boot and you come back a few days or a week later. They use Intuition liners. Boot is great.

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Been a fan of Dale Boot since the mid 80's.  Volunteered with NSPS for over twenty years.  Which means hours of standing in aide room, multitasking on the hill, climbing, and skiing.  I'm female with wide feet, narrow heels, and a high instep.  Which equates to a ski boot nightmare.  Dale Boot saved my career.  Today I'm heading back to SLC for new buckle, heel and toe pieces and a "tweek" of fit for my left boot.  Dale Boots are similar to a chinese puzzle.  If a piece wears out or breaks, they fix it.  I've had a couple new liners after years of wear.  I reccomend these boots to anyone who wants a comfortable, stable, secure fitting boot.

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I friend has a pair. His only positives are that they are warm and comfortable. Flex is wacky as they are firm and all of a sudden collapse, no progressiveness. The clip on interfaces have about 2 degrees of lateral movement, making hard snow skiing a challenge.

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I skied Dale boots for a season. They were comfortable. But they were the worst performance boots I have owned. Awful flex response. Loose neutral stance and then a harsh wall. I happily switched to the cramps and bloody blisters of Langes - because I skied better.
This was a long time ago. Hopefully Dale has improved since then - just don't buy used.
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I've got two badly broken legs from a plane crash years ago -- wicked pronation and one leg shorter than the other. I could never get a decent fitting boot until I went to Dale. They are absolutely the best. I've skied on them 2 seasons and love them. My 45 year-old son who has normal legs but never could get a good fitting boot went to Dale and he loves the boots. Recommend you contact them a month ahead of time to give them all your measurements so they're ready to fit you when you get there. They had me in and out in 3 hours and I was a tough fit. I went right on the slopes that afternoon and never needed an adjustment.

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My roommate skis for Dale Boots (Aaron Karitis, listed on their site under their team). He's been on them for two years now and has nothing but great things to say about them. Granted he's one of their athletes, but he always speaks highly of the company, product, and the people he works with. 

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Had them when they were using Lange boots and their liners. First pair didn't solidify quite right, but next pair felt like bedroom slippers. Fits my big toe and pinkie just right. I was a ballet dancer so really serious about my feet. Get them; you'll love them. I haven't been in ski country for 40 years but am throwing away the stock boots I bought when I moved here and getting Dales.

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I skied in Daleboots last couple of season. Most comfortable boots I ever have. Great product, excellent service.

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