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Head Tyrolia Race Plate Re-Drill

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Just went to adjust my race skis last night (for skiing Friday, yepp I'm a procrastinator) and realized that if I keep the toe and heel as is I'm going to be about 2cm behind midsole.  So I was going to re-drill the toe, but when I measured it out I realized that doing that would put me about 1cm forward.  Any suggestions, or do you think I should just buy a new race plate?

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 It depends what suites you, but in general bindings are mounted backwards. Ok general is a bit strong word... general goes for racing in this case :) All my skis (nowadays these are year old warmup or inspection skis of WC racers) are mounted around 2-3cm back, since I'm just too lazy to remount them. Personally I don't have problems with it, but this depends on person, so if it fits me, it's not necessary to fit you.. or vice versa :)

PS: If you really want to have it straight on line... why not remounting both toe and heel? If you put new holes something like 0.5cm from old ones (distance between hole edges), you will be fine, as far as plate goes (I can say this for Fischer plates, but they look very very similar to Head/Tyrolia plates, so I doubt there's much difference in this). Buying new plate is a bit expensive if it's just about few new holes in it. At least in my opinion.

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Yeah one of the techs I know thinks that Head has a second mounting setting on them, so that I can just pretty much turn the plate around and re-do it.  Not sure if that will work but I'll try this weeekend and find out.  If not I'll just re-drill both toe and heel, but I just hate putting more holes in my skis than I need to.

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It's not ski... it's "just" plastic on top of ski ;) Seriously... I don't remember when I saw race plate with only one set of holes... even when it comes to skis from top WC racers ;) So personally I wouldn't worry too much because of this :)

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^^^ Exactly...

I  heard from another source/ not Primoz/, but still former WC tech that these Fischer/Head  race plates are extremely good... So you do not have to worry.. If you do, fill the old holes with epoxy and  drill the new ones...

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Just an update-- ended up doing a full re-drill of the entire plate (pain in the ass btw) and they look good.  I'll be out this weekend, but hopefully they work well.

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When I get my Nordicas mounted up for Markers, I usually have the shop drill 2-3 extra sets of toe and heel holes (all about 1cm apart) in the event that I need adjusting, and mark the "stock" holes with some sharpie lines. Makes things very very simple.

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That's how race demos are done at Mt. Hood and other locations. Race skis generally don't take demo bindings, so the plates that aren't already drilled from the factory are punched full of holes. 3 or 4 sets for the toe and heel is pretty standard. No need to plug the holes.

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Race skis generally have mid sole back more than normal skis.


head race plates are not pre drilled.  The plate itself has two mounting positions on ski for mens and womens (read that larger and smaller feet) but this does not affect centering.  Then a 92W or similar jig is used to mount the bindings on the plate.


Non race versions of the iSL amd supershape skis have the pre drilled plates already attached to the ski.



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