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Rossi S86 Rockers and Rossi binding - FreeSki2 120 - ramp angle a problem?

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Mostly an eastern skier, with several trips out west, and would intend to use these skis mostly in the west. This is my first purchase of a rockered Ski( Rossignol S86) When I talked to my bootfitter about the setup, he cautioned me about the Rossi bindings have a higher heel lift than the Toe piece contributing to a ramp angle. A couple of questions


1) the binding seems to have been designed for the Rossi skis( that's why I bought them as package) , is this an intended setup for Rockered skis( a ramp angle needed) or should the ramp angle be eliminated( zero degree ramp angle - with another pair of bindings that contribute zero ramp angle)


2) how badly would this ramp angle affect the way ski turns and contribute to off balance movement patterns


2) would these skis perform as well in the eastern hard pack as typical front side ski - like my fischer SC4's( well not expecting miracles here, but would expect the skis to hold up somewhat on icy eastern conditions)


3) Can I shim the binding toe piece to offset the ramp angle contributed by the heel or should I not even have the ski shop attempt this - The ski has a fairly thin sidewall , and I'm afraid that the screws would either pull out or be too long and destroy the intended characteristics of the ski if not matched to the ski sidewall.




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So nobody has been giving you the love, huh?  I guess I'll play "rescue mission" then.


Please ignore the joker who hasn't got a clue about fore/aft alignment in the real world and has cautioned you about binding delta (it's not ramp angle - that's in your boots) without actually taking any measurements or skiing with you.


Did he actually have you click into your bindings and evaluate your fore/aft alignment?  I doubt it.  Binding deltas cannot be evaluated in isolation.  We're dealing with a system here that involves your body morphology, boot choice, and bindings.  How they inter-relate is what's important.


Now it's true that the general trend is toward flatter ramp angles and deltas, but that's a function of the newer gear (along with less forward lean in boots).  However, the important issue is still how your body lines up over your skis.  What you want is a functional stacked alignment with your shoulders, hips, and feet basically in the same vertical plane.


I'm not going to pretend to be an expert in alignment so maybe one of our resident alignment gurus will chime in, but hopefully I've given you enough info to call BS on the bootfitter and tell you to just go ski the setup and see how it feels to you.  The binding delta can be modified after the fact if it truly creates any problems with your stance.

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not sure if this factors in but the "rocker" on the S86 is minimal if at all, or felt.

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Put Marker Griffon's on mine, standard mount, factory (center) setup. These skis rip! Although I am a fan of rocker on my big skis (Armada JJ's 185) I must tell you that these skis thrown down an arc with the best of 'em. I wouldn't stress at all about the binding setup, agree with noodler, you can always change your cant or add a slight lift to your sole if you want at a later date....


BTW, this is also a good bump ski...I have been looking for a mid-fat that can actually pound bumps without killing me for a few years and think I've found it.


Not quite as adept as the Mantra in crud or high-speed GS turns but man, this thing is an all-mountain weapon. Enjoy!

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Rest assured that there will be a binding "specifically engineered for wider rockered skis" out on the market very soon. If you are concerned at all about the amount of rocker on your S86s then I'd suggest you wait for this binding or at the very least swap out as soon as they are available.



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