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I challenge anyone with "techno addiction" to a one week survival holiday in an unknown "wild" area in North America.


I will have;

hand compass (Sylvia)

0ne match box

one knife

one plastic covering ( no high tech tent)

one North face Winter sleeping bag

one axe


metal cup

metal dish

one pair of 200 cm "touring skis"

one pair of hiking/skiing boots

food bag of dried nuts/meat/etc,,(made at home)

two set of soxes

One jacket and inner shell


We will be dropped off an unknown region and live for one week!


Technoman or women can bring all new techno gear desired!


We will travel at least 30-60 km. per day!


Ski in and out of 'backside slopes"!


Then we will see who had most fun, most energy, most skiing experience!


Think about it?