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Looking for skis.

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I recently decided to get back to skiing. I've been out of touch for about 15-20 years. I was an expert skier, mostly groomers and bumps. Ilike to make quick slalom turns on steep hills. I'm looking to get a good pair of used skis. I've always skied Volkl and want to stay with them. I've been looking at the Supersport 5-star and 6-star, P60 GC, Tigershark 10FT and 12FT, and AC50s. I would like some feedback as to how these ski. Are there any other models I should look at? Also, I am 5"9", 220Lbs now. What size would be recomended? Thank you.

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welcome to EpicSki

I'd say get boots first, but I see that you've already started that process.  Congrats on your boot purchase!

It sounds like you're looking at some pretty advanced skis for their respective generation(s), but may not be super aggressive compared to something more contemporary(with a few exceptions)

The volkl 5* is a good carver with some forgiveness, where the 6 star is a teensy bit more demanding.There are some good reviews for the Tigersharks, but I don't have any personal feedback on them.  The AC50's are a good front side ski that will bust through crud but they're fairly stiff and aren't super quick turning so it won't be as friendly in the trees or moguls.


All in all for an inexpensive start to getting into skiing, those are some solid choices.

Take your new boots and go demo if/when you get a chance!


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All good skis, but if you are going to limit yourself to Volkl then you are going to have to sacrifice some mogul skiing.  All of the skis you have listed are pretty stiff and less than ideal for bumps.


I'd suggest not limiting yourself to one brand and demoing other skis.  Volkl makes good skis, but so do a bunch of other companies.


As for length, at your weight you should be looking for something around 175 in a hard snow ski and 180+ in a softer snow ski.


Welcome to Epic and good luck on your search.


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