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Orage pants

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Hey all,

Ok - I have never ever skied in my life.


My wife tells me we're going skiing this winter, and that I had to go out and buy clothes.


So I got an Orage jacket, some Rossignol gloves, and I was left looking for pants -


I grabbed Orage Brody pants (purple) to get out of the store as quick as possible. I kept the receipt because I had a feeling I would change my mind about the color.

The pants themselves feel fine, they're quite thick, and I expect to fall over a lot so this is a good thing. But the look of them, is a bit, I dunno, emo?


Anyway, I found a pair of Orage Benjamin pants online that I much prefer fashion-wise, and am thinking of making the switch, they're about the same price


But from the description I think the Benjamin is maybe just a very thin layer, and needs something underneath?


Anyway my question is - and I know fashion isn't important and maybe I'll get flamed for this - but if I switch to the Benjamins will I need to add another layer underneath? Anyone who has owned both and can compare the two for me? Any advice would be appreciated.



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It depends on where you are skiing and how cold it is. If you are doing some serious mountain cold skiing youll want a layer of fabric inbetween your legs and the shell of your pants.


If you are skiing in warmer weather you can probably get away with just a shell for your pants.


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Those pants bring a lot of things to mind but emo isn't on the list. You'll at least need a base layer. I used to use close fitting nylon mesh workout type pants over the base layers. Just avoid cotton, period.

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I just wear a pair of under armor cold gear pants with a pair of shorts under my ski pants and I've been out on days that had a 40 below wind chill and below zero temps for a high and my legs were fine.  I've worn the same outfit on days that were in the mid to high 20's and didn't have a problem either.  Activity plays a big role in how warm you are as well

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