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Looking to Buy New Skis, Hitting Jackson this Winter

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Hey all, I'm going to buy a new pair of skis and I was hoping some of you could give me some advice on how to narrow my search.


To start, I'm 22 years old, 6 foot 1, range from 185-200lbs, and I've been skiing on and for about 10 years.   In recent years since heading south for college, my primary form of skiing has been taking a week long trip every year out west with the family.  This year we're headed to Jackson Wyoming to rip up the Tetons.  I think I'm looking for an all-mountain type of ski.  I'd call myself a pretty advanced skier, but not quite an expert. I love to rip bowls and fly through glades with my brother, but tight rocky chutes and cliffs both kinda scare me.  That said I want a ski that will still let me cruise around on the groomers when hanging with the rest of the fam.


In terms of brands, I've got a friend who can hook me up with a pro deal (roughly 40% off) for the following brands: K2, Rossignol, Dynastar & possibly Solomon, so I'm really just looking exclusively at these.


So people who have been trying the new 2011 models, what do you think. Where should I be focusing in on.  Cost isn't really an issue for me, I'm just looking for the best single quiver ski I can get.  I haven't really gotten into serious hiking either, so ski weight isn't much of an issue either.


The K2 Aftershock and Richtor are on my list, but I haven't found much comparison between them.


Would a ski wider than the mid 80s still be manageable when I've got to hit the groomers?

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You might check out the other thread about this same question and see what was written there.  I think a ski wider than 80 is fine on the groomers here in JH.  For one ski and only one ski to ski every day at JH I've never tried anything I thought was better than my pre-rockered Gotoma at 105.  I also loved my Mythic Riders at 88 on groomers and a variety of mixed conditions.  The Mythic was replaced by the Sultan series, which I haven't tried yet.  I've heard nothing but great things. Check out SJs crazy 88 thread for reviews on this type of ski.  


You should be more discrete if you have a friend who is "hooking you up" with a Pro-Deal.  Pro-Deals are meant to be for pros which you clearly are not and is an abuse of the system.


Welcome to Epicski.  I wanted you to at least get one response to your first post.  I hope you find the information you are looking for.  Have fun and let us know how your trip to JH works out.  Conditions are incredible right now.  I'm sure your family will have a great time!

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