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Hello All,


I'm new to the forums but I've been skiing all over the world for 27 years, with all the internet boards I can't believe it's taken me this long to get on this site!


I am about to pull the trigger on a pair of K2 Coomba's, the 2009 version as I found a killer deal, and I am looking into a few bindings. I have been skiing Salomon Crossmax10's for a while but demoed some Volkl AC50's the past few years and I enjoyed them, but in the powder they really don't offer much. I've been playing in the deep stuff more then ever so I want a ski more equipped to do what I am doing. I found a great deal on a pair of Coomba's and now the question come to the bindings.


I read another post someone had about this but it didn't answer my questions. The Marker Duke seems to be a great choice but I have never used a climb function on a binding as I've never gone touring, not saying that I wont tho. I am thinking that the Marker Griffon might be the way to go. What are thoughts or feelings on this binding? Any other suggestions?


I ski Lake Tahoe, Jackson Hole and in the Arlberg region of Austria, for the most part lift access and a little hiking. I am a very confident and aggressive skier, 5'8 185/90 lbs but very athletic, I'm also an Ironman.


Any input is much appreciated, I am looking forward to being a member of this site!