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Shells with Athletic Fit

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I am looking for a new shell this year, and having trouble with the dizzying array of makes, fabrics, fits, etc. out there.  Being in the greater Charlotte, NC area, the choices at ski shops here are very minimal.  I was hoping to benefit from the experience of folks here to narrow things down quite a bit.  I am 5' 10", where a size 42 jacket and size 32 Levi's jeans.  Many of the shells/jackets out there fit well in the shoulders/chest in a Large, but are way too bulky in the rest of the torso/waist.  I am looking for some good wind/waterproof material.  This jacket would be used on less harsh days when my insulated Obermeyer jacket is not needed.  What recommendations do you have for something with an athletic/fitted type of cut/shape?  Brands and models within brands that you would suggest would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Your best bet is to find a shop that has a lot of brands. your going to be hard-pressed to find that perfect fit. Some Arc's are going to fit differently than others so you might want to go through their site. They indicate the fit and length of the jacket. Others may include Mammot. Eider makes some very good stuff and I found it to fit very well. its going to be more of a try on session for you.

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While I could not agree more, that's the challenge I have.  The few ski shops in the Charlotte area basically carry TNF and Spyder, and only a miniscule assortment of those.  That's why I am trying to get some advice here to narrow things down.

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I'm a size 44/17in neck (broad shoulders/chest from weightlifting) and 36 waist (5'10 200#)  and have had luck with Westcomb in the Vapor FX model (eVent hardshell, made in Vancouver BC) in large. I found some Arc'Teryx fit too narrow through the chest, as well as some other Westcomb models. The Vapor has more of a "freeride" (loose) cut then "athletic" which means tight. You might want to look at Trew outerwear, again "freeride" focused which means not so damn tight. Medium is always a no-go for me.

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westcomb is nice stuff but very boxy cut, it will swamp him as it did for me.

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I'm 5'8", weight 145 pounds, wear a size 40 suit(except I no longer actually wear them) and the medium Patagonia Powder Bowl fits me quite nicely.  It has enough room I can wear my down sweater underneath when it gets really chilly.  Patagonia website says it has a regular fit.

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Have you tried Great Outdoor Provision Co? They're not a ski shop, but an outdoor shop with really educated employees (Go during the regular workday if you can...that's when the educated ones work). They have lots of Arcteryx and Mountain Hardwear, and if they don't have all of the shells on their shelf, they've seen most of them when the reps come through and can do a great job recommending them to you. They can also order anything straight from the company (unlike REI)

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Marmont worked for me.  50 shoulder, 35 waist.   Chose to live with the baggy fit.


I do miss form fitting ski clothes, especially on my wife. This baggy stuff is just not as much fun to follow her on groomers as 80s stretch pants.

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