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Cants and arm position?

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Why does my right arm want to drop back when I don’t have cants on my right ski or boot?


I have two sets of ski set-ups in two different locations.  Home:  Cants between skis and bindings with a “neutral” ski boot.    Vacation Home:  Neutral ski/binding set-ups with canted boot soles (Daleboot).  With these set-ups I don’t have to fight my hand/arm position.


Yesterday I tried out some powder skis I got for cheap this summer in a bit of fresh wet powder.  I didn’t bother with the cant strips since the skis are relatively fat and designed for the fluffy stuff, which was a mistake.  I struggled with keeping my right arm forward, which is what always happened before I was canted.  OK, cant strips are in order.  Still, I was wondering what mechanically is going on, and how it correlates with arm position?  


If this makes a difference for me, others have to be in the same boat...

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There are many factors that effect the movements necessary to maintain balance when skiing. As you have noticed small changes at the skier snow interface do change the way the skier compensates. This site presents some views and information that might relate to your inquiry. http://tinyurl.com/2859fpb  I think some of the stuff in Chapter 8 might be of interest. I am sure some others here on Epic will offer more insight as well.

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Your arm movements can be tell tales of alignment issues.  In this case it sounds like you are creating a compensatory rotation in your upper body to compensate for inability to accomplish effective turning power in your lower legs. 

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