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Which resort in Salt Lake City

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A few years ago my son and I skied Snowbird, Alta, Snowbasin, and Solitude. This year we are heading out in February for MLK Week-end. We are going to ski Thursday - Sunday. We are looking to try some new resorts and are looking at Park City, The Canyons, Deer Valley, and Powder Mountain. Two questions: 1) What do you think of our choices? 2) Assuming that Saturday and Sunday will be more crowded due to holiday which resorts would be "best" for possible crowds? This board was great for questions last year for our trip to Jackson Hole so am looking forward to this year. Any thoughts on the Interconnect Tour would also be appreciated. Thanks, Courtney
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I skied Deer Valley back in '07 and I really enjoyed it. Everywhere I looked the snow was fresh and there is something about the lay of the land on the mountain that is just beautiful. Something about the trees...just gorgeous. Highly recommend. Lots of high speed chairs, everywhere, no lift lines. Great food. I hope to get back there.


Didn't ski The Canyons but, it would be on my short list next time out.


Utah was great in almost every way. You just can't go wrong.


Enjoy your trip.


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I'm spoiled. We have been going to Alta twice a year now since 2002.  It has become home.  I skied Deer Valley a few years ago just to try something different.  The cruisers and grooming is second to none. I skied Park City years and years ago. If you like a town built at the bottom it is a good one.  If I was to try another ski area, I would try Snow Basin.  A friend is an instructor at Alta on weekends and his relatives run the ski school at Snow Basin.  He says the terrain is very varied and the scenery he compares to Alta. 

You can find powder at Alta a week after a snow storm.  It is a no-nonsense area, reasonably priced with the best snow and terrain around.  Just waitin for February!

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Powder Mountain is a no-brainer for less crowds; it's huge and gets less crowds than Park City/Cottonwoods because it's farther and more out of the way than those. I'd go there for the weekend and then break up the PC resorts for the rest of the trip. Depending upon what you ski, I recommend doing the Lightning Ridge cat at least once while at Powder--it's an extra 15 bucks, but it's some really nice terrain and tends to have some nice untracked lines, assuming there's been snow recently. Plus, how often do you get a $15 cat ride?


Personally, I liked your first itinerary better, but if you're looking to get a full taste of the state, Park City/Powder makes sense. I wouldn't lock yourself in, though, so that you can follow the weather--who knows who will have the best conditions that week.

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After teaching in Vermont and Colorado, where MLK weekend was very busy, I was quite surprised to find that in Utah, nothing happens!  It's the same as any other weekend adn being January, it's pretty quiet.  I was at PCMR for two years, and unless something's changed, you needn't worry about MLK day.


I love Powder Mountain, I've never had a bad time there, ever.  One tip though, you won't find the good stuff without a guide. I often get a chap from ski school called Craig, an older gentleman, who knows every scrap of snow and every bit of wood at that mountain.  I'd recommend getting at least one cat ride, and get them to show you the thing with the bus! You can ski for ages, and end up on the access road, and a bus comes and takes you back up again.


Did the Utah Interconnect a few years back. Was living just under PCMR at the time, and we left from Deer Valley.  It was fun, but a bit frustrating. Myself and my companion could ski, but the rest of teh tour could not. So our hopes of getting to hike up some chutes and things were dashed. In fact I got roped in to help one of the guides break trails (from Solitude through to LCC) while the other guide took care of the group. it was a bunch of guys who imagined they could ski somewhat better than they actually could ski, so the guides had to be careful of them.  It was Spring, there'd been some snowfalls and so there was no trail, plus the snow was a bit "weird" where the sun had been at-it.


That said, it was amazing to go DV/PCMR/Solitude/Alta/Snowbird. I'd looked down into BCC from PCMR many times, so it was very satisfying to actually ski the route, and seeing what lay between BCC and LCC was wonderful. 


If you want a good instructor recommendation for PCMR, send me a message!

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