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Read past posts about technology and ski related activities! Great ideas. May I share mine.


First there is no doubt that you need "technologies" to run a ski resort. Yes communications! Yes support grooming vehicles, pumps, pipes etc,,,


The essence of the first post by France was to focus on,,,,why do we ski, how do we ski,,,,what pleasure we derive from skiing!


Yes of course a cellular phone is vital communication device but;

-used while going down a run??????

-used while in a gondola with 6 other "prisoners" forced to listen to a marital problem??????

-used while sitting on a peak and speaking about the lower stock prices,,,??????


The issue how it is used, when it is used! In short we all have poor social manners,,,,and even more on ski terrain.


I work in an area which "thinks ahead 5-10 years" and skier would be astounded what is coming down the production line! Most items not really needed for the skier,,but will be marketed as the latest "IN" thing!


We are becoming the "lemmings" running fast towards the cliff!


Open your minds and post all those "techno items" so useless ( for skiing experience) but that will be available!


Here are mine 10 ( some already in production)!


1. Self "on the fly" waxing skis which will spray from ski core some wax compound ( in England).

2 Ski "chip" which will track you any where on resort,,,,yes daily ticket is old school! Now it is by the minute pay system ( used in some resorts since 1993)!

3. Ski performance chip ( like car performance chips) ! Tune ski for your performance level. Just for $100 you can have a ski change done at base lift section!

4.Instant ski video replay on lift of your last run! Impress your fellow skiers ( on lift)  with a plug and play video presentation of your famous run. All wireless ! All played at the lower Delphi 5 cerebral cortex level so it does not hurt brain activity of others. Can not be "suppressed", ejected, refused! Few side effects noted!

5. Inner biological recycled heat gas system! A "revolutionary" heat system in which natural body by-products are "recycled" within a perfect skier  "eco-system". Inner heat is passed along to keep those cold fingers warm!

6. Revolutionary "rocker" ski system,,,inspired by the early American colonists of the 1700's! Their shape creates a waving rocking motion which creates a soft euphoric sensation,,in some causes deep deep pleasure!

7. Ski goggles which give 3 and 4 D effect! Some  very well known  racers and "rockers" have been seen jumping off cliffs with these!

8. "At birth helmet implants" which grow with skier! Special plastics are used which creates no rejection,,can be altered with mild "botox" injections and can be "micro peeled" (behind left ear) for serious bar activities.

9. The ultimate,,,, a "on the fly" constant social network wireless of your ski day! Share with everyone on the planet ( yes we are planning right to Jupiter in 2022) your ski experience! No need to rush to base lodge,,to car or phone to share "immediately" your intimate moments with that tree! Real time social broadcasting of your ski day!

10. It is estimated that by 2014,,40% of men over 50 will have artificial knee implants! Fischer ski company will offer special cant variable/flex variable ski knees at modest price!


Think about it,,,,skiing is you,,,,,the snow,,,,,and fellowship!


Let us all try to keep it that way!