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ski goggle help

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Hey everyone,


I know this is probably a dumb question to ask..but hopefully I can get some recommendations.  Can anyone recommend a specific goggle for sunny days?  I understand that it should be a darker lens with a light transmission of 5%-30%, but in my searching, it seems that everything is a orange or yellow tint, or something similar? I'm sure my price range isn't helping much either.  I'm looking online because I live in the mid-west (not a whole lot of ski shops).  And I don't want to get stuck paying resort prices when I head out west this winter. 


My current goggle lens is a light orange/yellow with a slight blue tint.  I believe this is more for overcast/gray days.  Just tell me what you use on a sunny day.  And if you can recommend a good goggle for under $100 (I understand I will have to try it on to check the fit), let me know!  Thanks. 

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I use Smith Knowledge OTG with a Sensor Mirror almost all the time.  It has a fairly high transmission factor, 70%, but I've found really low transmission factors, like 35% or less, cause problems for me because of the extreme contrast between sunlit snow and trees in shade.  The Sensor Mirror seems to help with that a lot.  I also have an Ignitor Mirror lens for the goggles but unless I'm spending virtually all day teaching on bright sunlit snow I just don't use it.  The Smith website explains the various lenses and light transmission factors for each one and they have plenty of goggles for less than $100.


If I skied where there was a good deal of terrain above timberline, I would probably used the Ignitor Mirror or even a darker one on sunny days, but where I ski there isn't anything above timberline.

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I've had a bit of a different experience than mtcyclist.  I love my sensor lens, but when the clouds clear it feels like I'm not even wearing eye protection because so much light is getting into my eyes.  I find for blue bird days or even moderate light conditions that switching to my other pair of goggles with the ignitor mirror makes my life so much better (35% transmission).  I can only speak from experience with Smith Goggles, but my friends who have used Oakley Goggles seem to like the Iridium lenses when it's bright.

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I used my Oakley A-frame with the Fire Iridium lenses for blue bird days.  It feels like they are giving a 3d affect on the snow with yellow highlights to the sides.  I switch to the I/O with a Sensor mirror and Ignitor Mirror for cloudy days.  For white out i put on my A-frames with's like someone flipped on the sun.  The sensor mirror lens does pretty good for white out conditions.

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How would you guys suggest I go about purchasing goggles?  Should I go off your suggestions and purchase online, or just wait until I get to the resort?  I will be driving through denver on my way to copper, keystone, etc in early january.  Is there anywhere that someone could recommend that I could stop at as I pass though?  Or any stores in the mountains that I won't be paying "resort" prices at? 


Again, thank you for all the comments.  Hearing what people actually use vs. what websites say is very helpful. 

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I'd keep an eye on  Sometimes they'll put up ridiculous deals on goggles with varying lens types, although it can be rare to find sensors or iridiums in large supply. can be decent when sales are going (they're out of SLC so the shipping isn't bad if you're in the mid-west).  It'll mostly depend on your time vs cost situation.  If you're willing to look around the web and in person for a good deal you'll find one but it might take a while.  If you're needing a new goggle / lens now then buying them retail at a marked up price is about your only option, although you have the advantage of trying them on in person.

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Ebay is a great place to buy goggles.  I've purchaced all of mine through ebay.

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Are there better brands then others?  Or is it all personal preference?  I just got a pair of Dragon Rogues off tramdock, and I like them, but I'm afraid the "medium" fit may be slightly small.  I'm used to my old Smith goggles which seem bigger.  Its strange though because they feel fine and peripheral vision is fine, but there is a slight gap between the top and sides of the goggles and my helmet, where with my old Smiths, there is no gap...  Yes, I'm anal :)  and this bothers me because the Smiths seemed flush with the helmet. 


My head isn't that big...  (helmet is a large RED Frequency, but I have it set to nearly its tightest setting)


Thanks again for the input. 

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I tend to think it's mostly personal preference and fit.  I've skied with friend's Oakley/Scott and liked them just fine but ended up with Smith's just because I got the best deal and they fit with my helmet (also a RED).

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