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Tight around instep, what can be done

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My current boots are tight around the instep, not just on the top, but also on the sides of the foot. I've removed the bootboard to free up space, but there still seems to be issues. What can a boot fitter do to help me out? 

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removing the base board may cause some other issues depending on the style of the boot, some are flat, some leave you with a nice well to fall in to


  how is the shell for size in other areas? do a shell check as described in the wiki at the top of the forum this will give an idea of how the rest of the boot fits...also what make /model size is the boot and what is your normal shoe size? need answers to a few questions and a bit of info to give you more insight


there are various things which can be done, stretching the shell both up and out can help but we need to establish if that is the problem in the first place.... first thing to deal with is support of your foot, do you have a custom footbed in there? is it well made?, it may be caused more by the liner than the shell


this is not really a question which we can give you a definitive answer to on line, really needs someone to see your feet and boots together

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Shell size is good all around, about 1.5 fingers behind foot, good up front also. Boot is the Dynafit Titan in 25.5 mondo. Shoe size is 8-8.5 US mens. Always been 25.5 in alpine boots. I am using Sole footbed also, just for note. I agree that is may be the liner more than shell.


Totally agree I need someone to look at things objectively, but sadly cant seem to locate a good fitter in central Pennsylvania. If anyone has any recommendations of a fitter that would be awesome, could even go to Pittsburgh for this. 


For note, I can wear BD Factors in same size with no issues aside from a slightly tight heel pocket. I've read that these are high volume boots.

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you removed the flat, stock footbed before adding the sole footbed?


you can grind the sole thinner


thinner socks


how is the pressure with the buckles 100% off (NOT done up at all)


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Yes, stock foot bed is gone.  Just went to ultralight Smartwool socks. Pressure is still snug with no buckles buckled. I've narrowed the tightness a bit more and it seems to be more on the side of my foot right above my arch, just forward of the upper cuff.

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could be something as simple as getting some more heat into the liner...the liner in the titan is a bit of a tough one, great in term sof support and fit but it take s bit of break in and moulding, heating the liner and having a piece of 3mm fit foam on your foot in the tight spots whilst it cools around your foot may be all it takes

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