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Hi All,

I'm new here and still learning my way around, hopefully I'm posting in the right forum.


We're planning on a trip this weekend to take my son to Northshore Lake Tahoe. This is a spontaneous trip so I haven't done much research before I found this forum. As the name implies, I'm clueless when it comes to skiing, I never skied before and my husband couple times. I'm not sure what to prepare for our 14 months old besides snow suit, warm layers, snow shoes, mittens, hat?


We only plan to ski one full day and my son will probably spend most of the day with his grandma. We have snow shoes for them but I wonder if I need to get some snow shoes for me in case I want to hang out with him, or is the skii boots comfortable & convenient enough?


Is there kids area at Northshore? How far is the resting area from the lift?  And other advices? 


Thank you!