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Slalom Ski Advice

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I'm finally getting back on the snow after a 4 year hiatus while in college in IA, and I'm not sure which Slalom skis would fit my ability level/size.  I'd characterize myself as an intermediate/advanced skier, a 5'11" 145 lb male, 22 years old, but after 4 years off the slopes, I'm a little rusty.  I raced in high school, never was a top racer, but I loved running the slalom courses over and over bashing the gates.  Since I'm in MN, slalom skiing is my clear choice since GS on such tiny hills has never felt that fun to me.  My question is, what are some good options for slalom skis under the $700-800 mark (older models included)?  I've been looking at the 09/10 model of the Volkl Race Stock SL ski, but I'm worried that it will be too stiff to improve my technique due to my size and ability level.  Any suggestions?


As a sidenote, would I be way out of my league with the midwest masters skiers?





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Seeing that we ski in the same general area (i'm at Granite Peak in Wausau, WI) I can give you my thoughts seeing i'm on a new pair of boards this year.  Though a true slalom race skis with a radius of around 13m are punchy, and are a blast to ski, I found that moving up to a WC GS ski was perfect for the size hills and conditions we have in the Midwest.  At a 23m turn radius (I have 181cm Rossi Radical WC's) you can still make the nice tight turn that you are looking for.  They are also super stable at speed and on ice.  No tip wash when you get going fast and you are on rails.  When you get to the flat part of the run you can maintain your speed whereas the 165 slaloms that I have poop out.  I have had this discussion with friends who will ski on nothing but 165 WC slalom skis in the midwest.  They think that with a GS ski you essentially make a few turns and then bomb the rest.  Not the case at all, you can still jam on a GS and make them turn very tight.  Then when your side by side with your buddy on his 165 slalom skis and it's a race to the lift, it's no contest.  At the very least spend the $50 and demo some skis before you buy.  I demo'd Atomic's last year at Alta and they were fantastic.  I tried a "cheater" ski they had in 175cm.  It had the sidecut of a slalom ski but at high speeds it was as stable as their GS. 

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