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recomendations for all-mountain ski

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I'm looking for a new all-mountain ski. I currently ride an ac50 which has served me well but, I want to try something slightly more off-piste oriented without giving up too much groomer performance. Like the looks of the Titan but, worried it may be more of the same. Also looking at the Fischer Motive 84 but, no titanal.. Maybe ok but, I've always liked skis with metal in them. No-one around here carries or demos either. There are some Blizzard dealers but, not too familiar with their line-up, magnu 8.1? I am a Pacific North West skier with solid fundamentals, Patroller, PSIA II, starting to explore PMTS and have a variety of skis in the quiver just want an off-piste biased daily driver. 



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Take a look at the Volkl Kendo. It is designed for exactly what you are looking for. Great reviews in the mags. I am hoping to demo a pair somewhere this season.

Rick G
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Do you want to complement of replace the AC?

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LOL that's exactly what I was just doing. Being a huge fan of the Karma this seems a natural choice. i've got some bridges but, I think they are just a little too wide to take a cert 3 exam on but the Kendo likely is workable and I can find a demo for it. Went into this thinking flat tail but, I should be flexible i suppose.

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Tromano, undecided on the 50's likely won't sell them but, who knows, I could go down to Katanas, kendo, progressor 9 for a quiver and sell the bridges and 50's?

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I was steered toward and have purchased the Head Peak 82. Not sure how it skis as it doesn't arrive for another... six to 13 days :| but supposedly 50/50 for on- and off-piste. 


Definitely wider underfoot than my older x-wing 10s, which were completely adequate off-piste.

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The Kendo is a flat tail not a twin and while it is better than the AC50 in off piste conditions, it is still pretty stiff and will not be a dramatic improvement in that regard especially in softer snow. If you wish to replace your hard snow biased ski with another mostly hard snow ski, that makes some sense. If you wish to replace your AC50 with something more in the tweener (ie: more equal bias between hard/soft snow) category then the Kendo is probably not the answer. If you wish to supplement the AC50, the Kendo is definitely not the answer.


So..........it depends upon what you wish to accomplish and how you wish to do it.




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Why isn't the bridge the answer to your question?


I love the sultan 85 as the smaller all mountain ski in my quiver between my SL skis and the hudge trouble. But its really nothing like the AC50. Much more soft snow oriented, not race like.

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Bridge is too slow edge to edge, it's 92mm. I need to smack out some shorts on this choice, and ski some icy stuff too. It does have decent edge hold in more GS type arcs.

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