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Steamboat slack or sidecountry skiing

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I'm headed to Steamboat for the third week of February this year and was wondering if there's any decent slack or side country skiing around the resort? The obvious answer is "of course". The question is "where"? I'm looking for lower angled meadow skipping....nothing really steep as I won't be completed with my L1 course, I don't have an experienced partner and I won't have the skill set to be be prepared to venture into avy terrain. I'm just looking for something a little off the beaten path. I'm not looking for someone's secret stash, just a nice diversion. I'd like to look at some maps and get an idea of where I would like to go so I can plan beforehand. I also don't want to end up in some dead end valley. :-) Anyone have any hints or recommendations?

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I don't. Hopefully a Steamboat local will volunteer to show you some goods. The reason I am responding is it kinda sounds like you're planning on hitting this alone. Steamboat usually gets a lot of snow and by Feb it should be deep. You want to hit low angle stuff and that's smart for avy danger. Just don't discount the tree wells. Please take a partner.

Also, if you don't get any G2 here try TGR. They'll JONG you to high heaven but eventually some 'Boat local will hook you up.
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True dat. Yeah, I know about tree wells. You want to give them a wide berth. That's not a sure thing either because, sometimes, you just fall. I made my wife and kids watch an online tree well tutorial last year before we went. I would hesitate to go outside the boundary alone. I'd prefer to hook up with a local for some turns. I'll probably wear my beacon inbounds also. A beacon can be a real life saver if you find yourself hangiing upside down under a pine tree. If there's a lot of inbounds fresh I probably wouldn't go outside the ropes. We skied Christmas Tree, St Pats and the East Face last year and had a lot of fun. The runout stinks but the steeper stuff was a blast. They've got 100" so far so hopefully it will be a great snow year. Last year was OK but not a lot of fresh.

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Originally Posted by skibumm100 View Post

I made my wife and kids watch an online tree well tutorial last year before we went.

Dude, that is a terrific idea. I live in Crested Butte and have 5 and 7 year old daughters. The 5 year old is skiing blacks and the 7 year old hit some of the extremes with me late last season. Let's hear it for growing up in a ski town huh? Both love tree skiing. I figure I only have a few more months before the 7 year old asks to ditch me and ski with her friends. I've been talking with her about tree wells but she doesn't get it. Great idea on the tutorial. Will definitely have them watch it.


Sounds like you're in for a fun time. I am pretty sure there's some low angle stuff off Rabbit Ears pass. I biked it this summer and was oogling the terrain on my ride. Might be worth lining something up. I also think there is a cat skiing operation off the pass as well.



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Buffalo Pass is a popular BC skiing area. I've hunted around Rabbit Ears for a couple of years. The BC potential is limitless. Especially if you're not looking for "OMG, I'm gonna die" steep. Here's a link to the tree well site.




I'll have them watch it again this year. It also applies to when we ski northern VT, Jay in particular. It faces E and NE. Pine trees = tree wells. They got a decent amount of blower yesterday. A couple feet in some spots in VT. Too bad it's on top of almost zero base. It won't settle to much, either, because it was so light. Good day to end you season in the woods....too many deadfalls and hidden logs.


I may consider hiring a guide for a day when I'm out there. It depends on how much natural they're getting.

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Buffalo Pass is probably the best spot for earn (and sled access) your turns stuff.  Rabbit Ears looks pretty boring.  Though there could be some good stuff on the Northwest side of the pass.  I haven't been motivated enough to go explore on the split around there. 

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Yeah, Buff Pass is pretty popular from what I've heard from others. I believe that's where Steamboat Powdercats operates. I have seen people using the BC access gate at the top of Werner. I was hoping for a few side shots if everything gets tracked out inbounds. I probably just need to look around some.

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Sent you a pm, enjoy!

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Got it. Thanks Tam!

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Hey hope I'm not to late to be a help.  I got this off newschoolers thought it might be some help to you.



 If your after some of the best aspen skiing in the world, go to what the locals call "Wally World." This is the area with Tomahawk and Rolex. This is looker's right on the map. Also check out some of the "clock" runs.

If you want some good ol' fashion pines, go for the Storm Peak area. Going up Storm Peak, look left and you will see some quality trees. Also look around Buddy's and dip in.

Another excellent location would be the Pony Express area, but at this moment it's closed.

A great thing about Steamboat though is that there is excellent tree skiing anywhere you look, so don't be afraid to explore.

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