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Need a Powerful Junior Ski

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I haven't bought new skis in a few years now, so I'm not really sure what is available on the market these days. Right now I am skiing a Women's Volkl Gamma (Pink 5-Star) 147cm. I absolutely love these skis, however I cannot find boots to love. I have extremely tiny feet and I have found that I need to drop down into Junior boots to get the performance fit that I want (which I am also having a hard time with finding) and these skis just cannot allow me to do this.


The thing is I think I need a Junior set up (skis, bindings, boots) that are designed for an expert, professional level skier. I have looked a little online, but everything I find in the Junior catagory for all mountain skiing is learning skis, or skis that span from beginner to intermediate/advanced. I am a full time ski instructor and I ski and train pretty aggressively. I ski everything on and off the mountain, 5 days a week, 7 hours a day.


Anyone have any suggestions to a set up that can hold up to the wear and tear I will be putting on them? Or maybe boot options that would work with my current skis? I would like them to last multiple seasons. I'm not a racer at all and rarely need anything to hold up to extreme speeds. I do occasionally play in the park, but nothing major. The terrain I mostly ski is: groomed slopes, the wonderful eastern "packed powder" aka Ice, bumps, and trees.


I'm 5'0" tall. 93lbs. I wear a size 4 girls street shoe. I like the 70 flex rating in the junior race boots I currently have, but my feet still swim in the boots at a mondo size 21 due to my both low arch, narrow, and small foot.


Thanks for the help!


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your skis should be fine. find a boot fitter go to them and see what they can do for your foot. noone online can recommend boots to you.

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Do a search on epic for "boots for adults with small feet" and read through the posts.  You won't get an exact answer to your question, but the posts are informative and may help you identify options. 


Check this post in particular:




Good luck.



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It sounds to me like your ski problem is that your bindings will not adjust small enough for a junior boot. Also, they may not work with a junior DIN sole. If you get a flat ski, you can mount one of the tweener bindings that can accept both sizes of sole. Check out the Kastle MX78 for starters, it comes flat and goes as small as 144.

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If your boot size is under 22 then you are in a child boot sole. Binding like the fischer ac bindings, and Rossignol group AFD kit, let you use a c sole on a flat ski. Look at Goode's pro program for a ski. You can not bet the price, and they will even make a ski to meet your needs.

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