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Help Wanted - ex racer

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I am an ex racer who hasnt skiied for a while.  My feet measure 26cm in lenght.  What boot size do you reccomend.  I am currently skiing in a 275 Atomic TI 130 but my feet hurt like hell!

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You can't get a very accurate diagnosis over the internet however, the most likely cause is that your boots are oversized by at least one size and possibly two. This can cause a myriad of problems ranging from your feet sloshing around inside to the feet sliding forward in the boot and getting mispositioned with relation to the instep, arch, and metatarsal heads.


There are some wikis posted at the top of the page here that can give you some simple information about how to shell size yourself. This can give you a jump start on diagnosing the problem yourself.



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Thanks for the prompt and helpful reply.  Its rather as I suspected.  Do you know how to measure the width of your foot.  My current boots are a 98mm last and I want to make sure this is correct


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Stand on a ruler and measure the width across the metatarsal heads is the technique.  But I'm not certain knowing the width will tell you anything.  Sierra is correct your boots are too large.  26cm foot typically belongs in 26 Mondo boot.  However, knowing that your foot hurts doesn't tell you anything about whether you are in correct width or not.  Only tells you the boots need some work.


Today I skied my new Dalbello Scorpions for the second time.  They ski great and the medial ankle problems that two new techs fixed were great.  But  right lateral malleolus is very bruised.  I won't be getting rid of the boots.  A small punch and a little grind and the ankle will be great.


Successfully purchasing a comfortable and good performing boot is rarely about boot shopping or trying on and instead almost certainly about finding someone who knows how to modify boots.



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