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Changing BD skins from Mantra to Coomback?

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Could anybody please advise if this is possible.  My Mantras are 2009 167cm, 96mm underfoot and I intend getting a new pair of 174cm Coomback but would rather avoid buying a second set of skins if possible.  They are the old style black mohair glidelite so at the tip they have the metal attachment which is held on by the skin apparently doubled back on itself.


- firstly would the width be an issue?  ie they have been shaped for the mantras so if i'm missing a few mm either side is it an issue if i'm mainly doing lift accessed day tours.  I'll also have ski crampons if the uphill going gets tough.


- secondly can i just peel the glue back to get a bit of extra length for the tip or is it fixed....it seems pretty well stuck?  it also has a few spare notches in the tail so i could use those but then the tips might be too low down and drag in the snow.


many thanks.

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A few mm either side is no big deal, some people who do touring in order to get somewhere (rather than just up once to get a run in) prefer to have quite a few mm missing in order to get more glide and thus the ability to 'ski' down gentle slopes rather than having to take skins on and off. It does sacrifice some grip uphill, so you will find it hard if you try to go up too steep and incline.


Not sure about the second question, but I think the answer is yes. I am not sure about your particular skins, but they used to just fold them over and stick to themselves to determine length, so you should be able to adjust it that way.

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Going from a 96 mm waist to 102mm should not be a problem, but I believe the Coombacks have considerably less sidecut than the Mantras, so you may have a bit more bottom showing in the area between underfoot and your tips and tails.  Also, the Coombacks have some tip rocker, so traction is compromised a little in that section of your ski on steep climbs.  They should generally work fine, except for on very steep hard snow.  Lack of skin by your edges can also cause problems when you are following a skin track made by skinnier skis.  In some snow conditions yours will bridge the tracks, thereby leaving the part of your ski with the skin on in the air, and the skinless edges in contact with the snow. You can remedy this by simply moving over and breaking your own track.   I would definitely say go with what you've got until you find they are not working sufficiently for your needs. From my experience, until you go to a ski that is at least 10 mm wider, your skins still hold pretty well.


As for the tip overlap, yes, you can shorten or lengthen skin by pulling it apart and adjusting the length before re-sticking them.  This is an easy way to use one set of skins on multiple length skis.

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Thanks for your swift replies :p

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Just though i should add that I have since opted for a slightly thinner ski (Scott Crus'air 90mm) so had to get them cut down which the good folks at the ski shop did very nicely:




they didn't have much problem getting some more length out and added two rivets on each for a bit of strength rather than just relying on the glue for bonding as per the original.

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