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Ski rental in SLC

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The wife and I are making our first trip to SLC in a few weeks. Can someone recommend a good shop for rentals?
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Canyon Sports, ski n see, lift house at base of Big Cottonwood Canyon

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I'll add Christy Sports in Olympus Hills (SLC) or their location at Snowbird.  Also, Sports Den on Foothill Drive in SLC.

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I'm a fan of The Lifthouse (at base of BCC) and Utah Ski and Golf (4 locations).  They have a wide selection of demos at the best prices in my opinion.  

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Thanks for all of the suggestions. We can't wait to get out there.
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Canyons Sports was great.  We ended up trading skis multiple times throughout the trip and they were very helpful.  Take care, and have fun.

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We have gone to Utah Ski & Golf multiple times with good results.  When we've gone to Park City we pick the skis up in SLC then return them at the small shop in PC.  With groups of 7 and 9, its pretty good to have almost no incidents with equipment rental.


However, the shop in PC is quite small so if you are thinking about getting the skis there, better plan ahead and make sure they have what you want.

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Have nothing but great things to say about Canyon Sports.  Also had great experience trading out skis for various reasons (abilities, powder day, etc).  If you rent from them, reserve through their website because you get a pretty big discount.  You can also rent from one location and return to another, which is great if you are starting somewhere like Snowbasin or PC area and ending in LCC or BCC.

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Canyon Sports is the place. They have low prices and coupons that will save you even more. They also had the best prices on lift tickets I could find in SLC. Skis were of standard rental quality.

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Jans Sports has the best selection, just off 80 after you exit.  They always have skis on sale big time if you're looking to buy.  

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I've used Canyon Sports and ski n see


They are all good,  but I prefer to use  (The Lift House, base of BCC)


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If you're at Alta, the folks & gear at the Alta Peruvian are great.

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