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Took these out yesterday at Vail for their maiden voyage hoping I'd find miles of fresh at the opening of BlueSky Basin . This is a big ski 130 something at the waist 150 tip rockered tip and tail no camber. The first thing I noticed skating 20 yards to the lift was I felt like I was on bananna peels. A little disconcerting so I decide to take a run down something pretty easy at Mid Vail first. Skied down kind of a lumpy easy run that was a little frozen and tried to get a hang of how this ski might work. Kind of survived it.


When I did get to BlueSky the snow was pretty crusty from some sleet a couple days earlier and maybe high afternoon temps and sun from the day before. Definitely was able to plow through stuff that would have been much more difficult on my PE 's and probably not do able for me on my Head SS. Wore myself out for a couple of hours back in BlueSky. Skied some more front side on the skis and they kind of carve a turn. For me it feels like you can hook them up and then you get the surfy smear feeling almost like you're skiing on a saucer!


Unfortunately it doesn't look like this weekend we're going to get enough snow to play with them in the powder . Something to look forward to on the next trip assumming it snows when I'm back at the end of next month.