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How to not tuck in clothing?

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Hi everyone,


Quick question:


I've read around online, and people have said that you should prevent tucking ANYTHING into your liner except socks(directly in contact with your shin/socks). I believe this might too help my large calf problem nonono2.gif


How would I go about doing this? What are some of your solutions, or do you even follow this saying at all?

I usually wear long john's/thermals and can't manage to fit that or ANY of my inner layer pants (not ski pants) over the boot!



Thanks for your input!biggrin.gif

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I cut my long underwear to a length that goes just barely into the very top of the boot.
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I wear  Under Armour 2.0 base layer...

 Being very thin, it doesn't really interfere when tucked into the socks...If you look at my socks  you can't even tell there is something under it. This works for me... I don't want to cut them, cause they aren't cheap...

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There are plenty of 3/4 length options for your base layer - Google is your friend.

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all of my base layers can be streached over the top of my boot liner and that is waht i do.

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you fold them up towards the knee, the fold ends just above the boot duh............


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Sockseek.gif?  I don't need no schtinking Socks!


Actually I've got several high end thin ski socks; I just need to work those boot liners in for a few more days and they should fit in there. biggrin.gif


I usually just pull the cuffs up and let the rest of the legs of my long johns fall where they may on my not stretchy ones.  The strechy ones fit over the top of the boot and keep the snow out.

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Noodler and chrisandy nailed it. Look for 3/4 length layers, and fold (not roll) the full length ones up.

Also in the same vein, if you aren't already, use thin socks; doesn't have to be stocking thickness, but definitely not like the wool socks your grandmother made you. I'm of the opinion that thicker socks don't really help keep you any warmer, they just diminish control and soak up more sweat.

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Why do you feel like you need to stretch them OVER your boot, just pull them up. Or cut them. This isn't rocket science. That being said I expect this thread to reach 9 pages.

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I go with either the thin or medium weight "smartwool" brand -- then close up the boots and either just leave the fleece or baselayer on top of the boots maybe folding / rolling them up if I am feeling   "neat" that day.  Find the smartwool is very good at wicking away moisture and thicker socks, as stated, not better.  My outer ski pants have an inner powder fastener that snaps very tight around the upper 1/3 of the boot, so the fleece/base layer don't hang down outside the boot -- not an issue from your question rolleyes.gif -- but if you have looser fleece pants especially, that keeps them in check.  Not a fan of cutting off the bottom portion as i use the base layer and my fleece outside of skiing use -- and too cheap to buy custom set just for skiing -- the others work fine rolled up. 

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Originally Posted by ecimmortal View Post
 This isn't rocket science. That being said I expect this thread to reach 9 pages.

Yeah, there are times Epic makes me wonder. This question is weird. If the OP is talking about really thick fuzzy jammies, then uh yeah, manicure them. Be careful not to cut the pirate in half.


Or better, buy some thin spandex nylon ones. Warmer, can provide a bit of actual muscle support, and no one except a racer or escaped OCD patient is going to pay attention to a fraction of a mm they add, regardless of calf circumference. Racers I should add, even race barefoot. They do not gear up the same way when they're not racing. And OCD patients are caught within a few hours because they stop to count the chairs. If your calves are being pressed that tightly by the top of the boot, time to go to a fitter. 


Can make no sense at all about the idea of putting long johns over the boot. Did I fall into an alternative universe, where people do this? eek.gif

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this has got to be a troll, people don't seriously try to stretch base layers over ski boots. I refuse to believe that.


I don't like compression layers. I think the compression restricts blood flow, which counter acts the warmth added by the material. They also don't feel good having them squeezing. The compression provides no aid to joint stability or injury prevention. The best part about them is taking them off at the end of the day, this point alone tells me they suck. Down is the complete opposite of a compression style base layer and down is obviously a better insulator. So I want something light, and loose but tight enough to keep the air traps, but not squeezing on my body. As well as moisture wicking and breathable.


Don't tell anybody, but I wear running shorts, they are small and light, and have an inner mesh to hold my junk in place. I don't ever get a wedgie and I don't feel them restricting anywhere. Thin ski socks. My pants have a thin fleece liner. I wear an UA baselayer 3.0 shirt, with a patagonia capilene 2.0 over top. Shell jacket. I'll ski comfortably down to -20c/0f  like this. When I start to sweat, I open the zipper on the Patagonia shirt, as well as the pit zips. 


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I guess I've never had an issue after just ONE washing with things tucking in the boots.  I just don't pull the ankle down that low, it stops easily above the boot.  If you're short, you might need "capri" or "3.4" length, but I don't think the average person needs to worry about pulling the ankle cuff UP.  I might have a few slight wrinkles because I don't stretch the legs downward that much, but better than a lump above my boot cuff.


They certainly DON'T go OVER the boot.  I bet once you do that, the ankles are so stretched out they're riding to above your knee!

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