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I have been getting a few post reports to point out members that are not supporters that are posting deals in the Gear Swap.  The moderation team led by Phil took a look at the level of participation in Gear Swap and decided to allow ESTABLISHED members to post their gear for sale.  Established is someone with over 15 posts on the forum that at least gives others an opportunity to judge whether this seems like someone reliable enough to do business with.  We hope this will increase the level of activity and serve to make EpicSki more valuable to all members by increasing the deals available between members.


So the Gear Swap is open now.  Some of the protection of allowing only supporters to post deals is gone.  It is up to the parties of the deal to take precautions to be sure that the sales, trades and exchanges here are something they are comfortable with based on the posting reputation of the member they are doing business with. 


Read the new rules at the top of the forum, and let a moderator know if you are experiencing any problems.  Use good judgment and care in any deal.  The Gear Swap went many years without a problem until a new member got on and took advantage of the trust of this community.  We feel that with the requirement that members must be established, that we can open this up.   If you don't know who you are dealing with, read their posts and watch for clues of deception, or someone who may have joined and just posted a bunch of times for the sole purpose running up a post count to be able to post a deal. 



You must be an active EpicSki Member to post a sale. Only members with 15+ posts can post thread starters, any member can reply. Be aware that EpicSki merely provides the forum, the exchange is entirely up to the buying and selling parties. EpicSki plays no role in the transaction and bears no responsibility for any problems that may arise; however the relationship between members and the site is such that risks should be significantly reduced.  Any information provided to EpicSki is protected in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

For your protection and privacy, be sure your user profile includes your current email address. That address is not visible on the internet and all email is delivered through the EpicSki server. Keeping your profile current ensures buyers and moderators can contact you as needed. Do not post e-mail addresses or phone numbers in your gear swap post.

Only a current EpicSki Sponsor or EpicSki Insider may post commercial sales of new gear from a shop, or clearance sales of rentals, demo and similar used gear. Sponsors have also been provided a separate forum in the Community forum area. Advertise on EpicSki or Subscribe as a Sponsor.

You may post your own Ebay auction to notify members or a "Buy it Now" auction of general interest. Don't post other auctions because you might be posting an auction that a fellow Bear is planning to snipe/snag (unless it is your auction).