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It's pretty darn good! First day was Thursday and the snow and cover was excellent. Just skied groomers and some bumps on the front , but it was great. Drive over Wed. night from the Denver airport held hopes for a powder day Thursday as it was snowing pretty hard at the Tunnel and over Vail Pass, but I guess it was just a short and intense storm as they reported only 2in. Thursday. Supposed to snow a little bit Fri.- Sun. Talked to people on the lift that said Wed. kind of a sleety -icy snow was going on and visability was horrible along wih iced up goggles, so I'm fortunate I missed that.


My ski buddy had a death in the family so he couldn't come out , but was kind enough to give me the condo keys and told me to go without him. Kind of feel guilty going under the circumstances. Going to take out the Bluehouse Mavens today as they are opening Bluesky so maybe a guy that has skied for the most part race carver type skis for the last 20 years can embrace the new age!


If anybody's around and wants to make some turns let me know. I'm from Pa. and can't adjust to the 2 hour time difference so I'm the nut standing infront of the Vista Bahn 20 min. before they open. I take that back, too cheap to park in the garage and the bus schedule doesn't get me there now till 8:47 so I barely make first chair.


Seriously the skiing is really great and a real treat this early in the season.

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was tied up this morning, but sure Blue Sky will be great!

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 i dunno if you guys are seasoned vail skiers or not but i am heading out there myself pretty soon.  I was wondering if there were any solid runs with cliff drops or things like that.  Not looking for anything too gnarly but just a little adrenaline rush.


any thoughts?

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There is a cliff band to the skier's right of Northwood's Lift (#11). It is pretty long and the drops are moderate to large (you can drop 40 - 50 feet if you choose to). You can also ski some slots through cliff band. Under the lift itself there you'll see some interesting features too.


Can't recall which lift it is under that leave Mid-Vail, but there is a pretty significant cliff there.


Out in Blue Sky Basin there are some drops to the skier's right of the Skyline Express (#37).


Some stuff in Siberia Bowl would fill the bill, too.


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Chair 4 cliffs.  Lots of drops in the Lover's Leap Area.  Dragon's Teeth.  Red Square.  Ghengis Khan.  Prima Cornice.  Lot's of stuff under and around the aforementioned Northwoods chair.  Out the Pete's gate (if you can get a local to take you back there).  There's stuff everywhere.  Just look around (and avoid the stuff with flat landings).

post #6 of 7 here are pics that Faisasy took of some Bears today (and earlier in the season). The jump sequences are in Blue Sky.
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Pete's Gate?  sounds interesting.  I know petes bowl is in blue sky but i have never heard or this area.  Is it backcountry or in the boundries?

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