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Scott Punisher Gyp???

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Okay i just bought a pair of heavily discounted Punishers for 200 bucks. Unfourtuntely they only had the 191cm size. I am a teen racer who is 6'2 135lbs. I bought these for messing around in the park ripping up groomers and taking the occasional trip out west to ski some backcountry powder (not expecting to drown in powder just what to expect from the random trip in a year) and groomers and whatt nots. Looking back at it it was a little bit of a clutch decision and i feel like i didnt think it through enouugh. If you could give your two cents on my decsion it would be appreciated. now im not looking to be ripped on so please be nice! haha. Alright keep it fresh. 

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The Punisher is a fun ski, it performs great but is pretty easy to ski. The 191 will ski way shorter than your GS sk so I wouldn't worry... the next size down would be better for your weight but the 191 will be a ton of fun anyway.

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You bought 'em. Now ski em. You got a good deal btw.

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Originally Posted by tromano View Post

You bought 'em. Now ski em. You got a good deal btw.

What he said. Plus, isn't this the Mission with twin tips? If yes, a fine ski. Either way, you made the call, no one tricked you...

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I think you did pretty well since you got the same deal I did :)

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Alright very cool thanks for the peace of mind everyone!
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The skis came on the sixth very fast shipping and they look sweet. I have not mounted them yet or skied them but i hope to on friday.
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