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dear boot experts...regarding tecnica...and boot size. 27 vs 27.5

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debating between agent 110 and dragon 120...


and 27 vs 27.5 size.


my foot measures 276mm and is 108mm wide...


since the shell size is the same for 27 and 27.5 can I just go with the 27 and let it pack out?


I ski a 27.5 salomon, but keep hearing that tecnicas run slightly longer...is that true?


feedback is very much appreciated.


have a great day!

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27 and 27.5 are the exact same boot. the only difference is the size sticker on the box and on the boot.


your decision on sizing should be based on shell fit, not your measured size. based on the number of days you ski per season, and your tolerance during the break-in period. if you are a performance oriented skier that skis more than 25 days per year, i would also try those boots in a 26 shell.


i would hold off on your buying decision until you have shell fit the 27 and the 26.



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jim thank you so much for your advice!


i went to rei today and tried on some boots


tried on 26.5 dragons, and there is no way i can even stand in them, toes curled...


going with a 27 shell with w,e I decide to go with.


tried on a pair of nordica hotrods, and they felt really nice and snug, and tecnicas, felt loose around my heel, but over all pretty nice. that looseness around the heel bothered me a lil bit, is there a way to make it tighter around the heel?


I dont have a wide foot...


any recommendations?

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trying on the nordica gives you a look at what a better fit around your heel feels like. if the tecnica feels loose brand new in the store, it is either the wrong shape for your foot shape or the boot is too big.


you need to buy the boot that has the tightest grip on your foot. the way the boot feels in the shop is the tightest that it will ever be for the life time that you own it. if it is loose feeling and comfortable in the shop, it will not fit you 10 days into the life of the boot.


the bad fit work is free at rei today, the expensive fit work comes after you buy the wrong boot.



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nordica feel the best out of everything that I tried. the shop didnt have a hotrod pro125 in my size but i tried a 28 just to feel the stiffness, i tried on a hotrod 105 but it felt a lil soft, so either a hotrod pro 125, or the speedmachine 120 will be my next boot! in a 27 shell. i do not have a wide foot so i think the 98mm last of the hr pro 125 will fit quite nice and snug.


thank you for all your advice!


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got the hot rod pro 125s!

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You never said anything about shell fit.  You only spoke about what felt the best during try-on.  Did you do a shell fit before you purchased the boots?



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I did not get a shell fit, but I tried them on they felt really really snug, held my heel really well compared to any tecnica I tried, and I got a really good deal on them compared to any price online for the '10s so I went for it. Will get them fitted at my mountains ski shop, and get foot beds and cant adjustment. Overall they felt the best out of any boots that I tried(by best I mean the most snug and firm), so I went with them.


I got my feet measured and was told that my right fits between a 27.5-28, and left foot between 27-27.5. width between an A and a B. For my needs the 27 shell is fine for size i think.


really excited to ski them with my prophet 100s, havent skied yet this season.



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I hope it works out.   But everything you could have read here talks about necessity of shell fit.  When I buy my new boots I start with shell fit.  If it is necessary for me with all the time I spend with boots I'd say it is necessary for you also.  Shell fit is absolutely the essential starting point for any boot purchase.



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thanks for the advice lou!


im sure it will all work out. (I plan on it working out) haha


have a question...if you are familiar with the nordica boots...from what i understand the hotrod pro 125, jah love, and the doberman series all share the same shell and stiffness basically...but the hotrod pro has one screw and an empty hole in the back(with a plug) while the jah love has 2 removable screws...is there any use for that hole (on the hotrod pro)?


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The hole can hold a second screw to stiffen the boot.

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hmm...i popped off the plug, but there was nothing there...just an empty hole..nothing to put a screw into.

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The hole is how a manufacturer can offer 2 flexes without changing the plastic formulation or moulds.  It is exactly the same proceedure as your local bootfitter would do to change flex , and a good bootfitter will have the screws and t-nuts to stiffen if you so desire.


hope everything else works out.  a Shell fit is a 30 second process and IMHO every dealer should not allow a sale without one, nor should a prospective customer feel well served without one.



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you are right Sandy, I found it interesting that they didnt do a shell fit...but I got a great deal on it, and been wanting that particular boot...and it felt good in the shop...really snug.


I got a chance to ski it yesterday! good stiffness, was still able to flex it just fine, but after skiing it I had very intense pain on the outsides of my feet...need to get a footbed.


other than that it was great...maybe get it blown out a lil bit if the footbed doesnt work. very happy with my purchase!


thanks for the advice!

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Why will a footbed solve your fit problem?



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Remember the ket to fit is the right shell size.  then your foot is located in the correct part of the shell. i.e.- ball of foot where the designer wanted it.  widest part of outside of foot where the designer wanted it.  too big a shell and these parts of your foot are sitting on the arch instead of slat and the outside of your foot is sitting back where the boot starts to narrow for a good heel fit.  these areas are also the thickest part fo the shell and are the most difficult to modify to fit your foot.  should of had a shell fit.  it is crucial.   a foot bet may only reduce volume in an already volume challenged area fo the shell.  good luck

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another great piece of advice thank you. I skied today, and they felt wonderful. shell size is def. not an issue. My right foot is almost a 28, and my left is a 27.5. The 27 shell is nice and snug...the only thing I am getting used to with this boot is the slightly more narrow fit which is 98mm. today was an improvement over the first day I skied them.



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