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Omega ski gear?

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I am new to skiing (well, I have been before but was a few years ago) so don't really know what I'm talking about when it comes to gear etc. I am off to the Alps skiing in January and have got no gear yet. A guy I know who skis and works in a ski shop said he would sell me some of his old gear, so he gave me this OMEGA ski jacket and pants and said if I wanted them I could have them both for £100. 


So obviously not knowing if I was getting good value for money I tried searching for Omega ski gear but could not find an actual brand which was called Omega! 


So does anybody actually know of a an Omega brand or have I came across the only Omega ski jacket and pants in the world!?

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Lived in Europe for 6 years and never heard of it.  FYI, if you need gear, start with boots from a GOOD bootfitter. 

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Well, first of all thanks for the reply smile.gif. I'm just baffled as to this mystery brand. It's obvious the items are a few years old although still in good condition. Didn't exactly want to say to him, "Hey where the f**k you get this old crap from?". Since I don't exactly have an eye for quality and did not want to insult him. 



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Are there any other logos on there?

Omega is a common -model- name.
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The only logo that appears is the Omega one, no other logos or brand names. I read on forum somewhere that a company previously called Phoenix tried to re-brand itself as Omega some years back. But, I can not find any info on this.

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Interesting. Looks like we've been peeking into the same corners of the interwebz.

Clothing and tent production began on Amble Industrial Estate, as Phoenix Mountaineering

Directors were Alan Waugh, Ken Rawlinson and Pam Sandford (who'd all previously worked for Ultimate Equipment)

starts off with hillwalking and mountaineering tents, before adding Gore-tex clothing


Later adds range of Gore-tex tents

soon has first fully taped seam tent collection in Britain

sponsors British Alpine and Freestyle Teams with ski uniforms

company eventually grows to 150 staff


Phoenix operations taken over by Karrimor


company had reduced in size by 90% and production mostly offshore


Directors form Omega Performance Clothing, which opens 200 yards down the road from old Phoenix factory

focuses on British manufactured industrial sales (police, military, television, ski schools, etc), rather than retail


Omega Outdoor Ltd is closed with the loss of 50 jobs, due to poor sales resulting from the UK's Foot & Mouth outbreaks


Brand name is owned by the AMG Group of outdoor brands in UK.
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Ah, yes, this sounds like the same story I came across. That would mean the ski wear I have obtained is at least 8 years old which is older than I first thought. 


Do you think purchasing ski wear this old is worthwhile or should I look for something more recent? The garments are still in good condition but obviously things have probably moved on since 2002.

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Things have very much moved on, and 2002-vintage garments have very little resale value.

Mind you, there _are_ garments made in 2002 that would perform as well as the majority of things made today, but that's much more of a bonus for the original owner than a justification for spending money on vintage apparel. 2002 purchasers of top-quality hardshells, or top-quality midlayers, for example, are probably getting really good value.
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