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Looking for Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper cheapest lodging, lift tickets, transportation, ideas, etc.

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I want to try Breckenridge, Keystone and Copper in 3 weekdays + night-skiing too. I haven't been to that area yet, and I'm still researching. I was thinking adding Vail for a 4th day, but it looks like the Frisco free transportation doesn't have a bus going to there.


I am dependent on Frisco's http://www.summitstage.com/ free transportation for my access to the 3 resorts, and probably looking for a cheap stay right around the bus transfer station, where my Denver airport shuttle will be dropping me off ($60). http://www.ridecme.com/queryrates.asp?O=2&D=23&7=01&8=10&9=2011&B1=Check+Rates

But if staying at Dillon or Silverthorne, then I'll change shuttle to ($80) http://www.ridecme.com/queryrates.asp?O=2&D=8&7=01&8=10&9=2011&B1=Check+Rates


For lodging at Frisco, I am selecting from here: http://business.townoffrisco.com/categories/7 but looks kind of pricey.


Ski lift tickets are a rip off (just as usual), but I'll try Liftopia for advanced deals. Any suggestions for cheaper lodging at Dillon or Silverthorne?




Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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From one James to another:  I don't know Frisco all that well and can't tell you which places are next to Bus station, but the Frisco Lodge is 90 miles west of DIA in the center of the shopping and dining district of historic Frisco, good hot tub, great breakfast, comfy/cozy, a block from Summit Stage bus stop, then 15 minute ride to Copper base.  If Frisco is too pricey, see what the rate is at Dillon Super 8, but being near a Summit Stage stop will be critical for your plan.

I'd ski the three areas you mentioned and then return to the one you liked best or found easiest to get to.  You're going to have a great time regardless.

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Check this out ... it's more Copper-centric, but it includes a free night of lodging. You could still bus to another resort to ski a day ...

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If you're walking around Frisco lost one night, and happen upon 404 Teller St., poor a little out, because I used to live there.


I don't remember where anything else in Frisco is though.

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I found this place in a thread here on Epic and checked it out last summer...




Cheap, clean, close to Silverthorne transfer station for Summit Stage. Target next door if you need supplies.


Keep A-Basin in mind as well. It's on the end of the Keystone SS bus route, and they recently had some good deals on lift tix - think it was a 4 pack for something like $130.


Liftopia's a good option if nothing better comes along.


Good luck, and have fun!  ;-)


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Another thing: Are the roads dangerous, if I decided to rent a car and drive, instead of getting a shuttle to Frisco? I am thinking, two-wheel-drive economy car on snowy conditions, for a driver who's never driven on snow, is not a good idea.

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^ I think you answered your own question there. The safety of the roads depend entirely on the weather. If you have no experience at all driving in snow, maybe skip the rental car this time around. Then again, the only way to get experience driving in snow is to actually do it. The bus system is pretty easy to use, so I guess it's up to you whether you want to tangle with a rental car or not. Myself, I tend to err towards keeping it simple, and would skip the rental car, follow the advice above and hit each of the three resorts you mentioned and ski the one you liked the best again. Don't forget, you can always come back to Summit Co. again and hit Vail another time, the mountains aren't going anywhere.   

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You can book a rental car and wait till departure to see what the weather is like.


If it's snowing heavily, I wouldn't drive a 2wd economy car, experienced or not. But if there's no storm during the time, (yeah, not so great for skiing) it'll be like driving on any highway. Common sense will see you through the minor differences (go slow when wet, don't park on a snowbank etc).


You do have to stay at a place you don't NEED a car though.

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If you choose not to rent a car consider the option of www.summitexpress.com  Our busniness is driving in the snow.  Consider EpicSki Discount of $60 each way door to door meaning drop off/pick up at any location in Summit County.

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Since I already visited the place, this is my suggestion for people on a tight budget who are without a rental car:


  • Stay near the Frisco transfer station, as this is the transfer station where you can take the free bus to Breckengridge, Copper, Keystone, and A-basin.
  • Buses in the winter are around every 30-60 min. Online search for, "Frisco CO summit county bus," to see their schedule/map, or you can ask the drivers and they are knowledgeable about all buses. Bus information is also on the bus stops, and maps are free to pick-up in the buses.
  • The closest ski-lodge I could see which was right next to the Frisco transfer station was Alpine Inn. I was at the Snow Shoe motel, which is about 5 min. away from the transfer station with the bus. There were few other hotels around the transfer station area as well.
  • Few fast-food restaurants, Safeway grocery store and Wal-Mart are right next to the Frisco transfer station. If you are staying in the Alpine Inn, you'd be walking just a few minutes to those.
  • There are also, the Breckenridge and Silverthorne transfer stations with the free buses as well, but I can't speak for the lodging and grocery store information for these areas.
  • Find out from your ski lodge if they can sell you a discounted lift ticket! I was able to buy a discounted lift ticked to Keystone & A-basin from my motel, which was good for both resorts for one day/night of skiing. I skied A-basin 10 till 2 pm., and then Keystone 2:30pm. till 8 pm. A-basin is just up the hill from Keystone! You can also buy a discounted lift ticket for skiing 3 resorts in the same day... but that's a little too much to ski in one day I'd say.


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Check out the Fireside Inn in the heart of Breckenridge, $39 / night for a bunk with bathroom down the hall.  They have a small microwave and refridge if you want to store food and eat wimply on your own, or you can purchase a cooked breakfast there for about $8.  They also have regular rooms with baths, but only a few.  Nice ambience; it's crowded, but very convenient and CHEAP.  It's right on the route for the free shuttle to Breck.  If you have a car, you even get free parking across the street.

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