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Best place to ski near Denver?

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Hi everyone


I usually ski at Sunshine and Lake Louise, but I have a work trip to Denver coming up in 2 weeks time. I've timed it so I can get my work stuff done on Friday and Monday, then ski on the weekend in between. But my question is where to ski within a couple of hours of Denver. I suppose Vail seems the obvious choice, but I thought I'd throw it out here to see if anybody with some more experience can recommend something to me.


I like a lot of variety... I like skiing trees, bumps, groomers, steeps, basically everything. Good snow is a plus. Even though I resent the prices vail is charging for a lift ticket, and for hotels, money isnt that important. I might not get another chance to ski in colorado for a while, so i want to make the most of it.


any ideas would be appreciated





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Similar question and thread from a few days ago:



Sounds like you have two days to ski, Dec 18 and 19, 2010.  Colorado's having a pretty good early season, so your timing is good. And those dates should not be very crowded anywhere, facilitating a last minute selection based on snow conditions.  Go to Vail if your heart is set on it and you've got the funds, but you'll want a place where you can park your car and leave it for the weekend.  Copper or Winter Park would also be good and slightly closer choices from Denver.  Loveland is even closer and a fine and less expensive choice, but doesn't have slopeside lodging, a luxury that would be handy for your quick strike timelines, although Loveland is easy to visit for a day because parking is free and close to lifts.  Some people have issues with the altitude during very short ski trips to CO, just when they're acclimated it's time to go.  Vail/Beaver Creek might offer a small advantage in that regard over the others mentioned in this post because their bases are about 500-1000' lower.

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Vail is having an incredible early season.  That is your best bet.  Now, I have to go to Calgary in mid-January.  If I take a few extra days, where should I go to ski?



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Thanks guys


I just spoke to my colleague in Denver, she also recommends Vail, so I guess Vail it is.


raspritz - I just sent you a message with my contact details. I'd be happy to show you around sunshine or louise if you're coming up. Where to ski here really depends on what you like to ski:


- for closeness, variety, and decent snow go for sunshine (1.5 hours from calgary)

- for excellent steeps and moguls go to lake louise (2 hours from calgary)

- for extreme terrain go to kicking horse (3.5 hours from calgary)

- for powder, bowls and trees go to fernie (3.5 hours from calgary)

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