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looking for input on a new ski (or skis) for this season.  i am 6'6" 255lbs and looking for a good big ski.  advanced skier, big lines, some trees, 25% on piste, 75% off piste (with some cat / heli).  any thoughts on an all around good ski (or skis - might break the bank for 2 pair if neccesary).  former ski armada arv - too soft...thoughts...



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Here is a review by another big guy of a great all mountain ski for you to consider.




For a deep snow specialty ski, consider the Praxis Powder in 205cm length.


If you want one ski only but with the bias toward deep snow, the Dynastar Big Dump in 192cm comes to mind.



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Im looking for a similar ski. I have Nordica Jetfuel Ti and they are the best 75/ on 25/ off ski I have ever skied.Im looking now for a little more powder oriantation like your 75 off Piste also. Im not 6.6 but am 225lbs expert I guess if i got my kids to describe my skiing.biggrin.gif Fast as I can go with form and control. Hate braging about that point but ya im fast and good as anyone Ive ever seen. Im looking at the Gotama/ Prophet 115/Legand 94 Sultan seems interesting also. But thats more a 50/50 I would think. The Dynastar 6th sense slicer looks good if your into twin tips also. Im kinda leaning toward the Line 115 and the Gotama though. Just what Ive looked at felt and read reviews and talked to guys at the shop about. I dont think you can really go wrong with the 115 or Goat. I would see if you can demo both on the same day then choose one. Should work in amost all conditions exept maybe sheer ice. But those are lodge days then go home after lunch anyway for me. Or the Jetfuels dont mind ice to much. I for sure am going with the marker Duke or Schizo binders. My son has the Schizos on his JJ,s and Ive tryed them out. I realy like the versatility the Schizo provids but also like the Dukes versatility if I ever decide to skin. Pluss the hight of the duke provids a platform similar to a riser for cranking over those big bad fat boys edge to edge on less than powder days. Because the goat is more a back country style the Dukes for them and Schizos for the 115,s because they are not realy a backcountry anyway. just big burly great skis. Tough chices I think?

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I am a big guy as well and the two skis that seem to fit your needs are the 195 Line Mothership and 191 ON3P Wren...  I skiied both and loved both and ended up buying the ON3P Wrens...  113 underfoot - slight rocker - bomber construction and kills it in crud, pow and has no speed limit...  And if the groomers are soft they are a ball on the zoomer groomers as well...

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