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Heel is numb!

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So i recently bought the dynafit zzero 4c-tf boots for my backcountry touring escapades and i have been wearing them as much as possible for the last week or so. They feel great in every part of my foot except for my lower back heels. After about 20 minutes wearing the boots, that spot on my heel starts to get tingly and after about half an hour, it starts to go numb. I put my superfeet custom insoles in my boots fyi.

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any better with a 5mm heel lift,  or better without any footbed?


when you have just your foot only in the shell, do you touch the sides of the shell?

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in addition to the above, make sure that the superfeet footbed you are using is

A the correct size, ie wide enough for your heel


B not being pinched by the shell & liner


the liner in the Z Zero is pretty dense and needs some break in, so it may well be just too much thickness at that area

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