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Austria Resort - Kitzbuhel or St. Anton?

Poll Results: Which resort do you prefer

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    St. Anton
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It was my first time out to Europe last year for skiing and I had an amazing time at Val Thorens.


This year, I'm looking at heading off to Austria for some skiing in February and had St. Anton and Kitzbuhel in mind. For those who have been to the two resorts which one would you recommend or prefer and why?


The two top things that we are looking for in the resort is that it gets a good amount of snowfall, and has good restaurants to eat out at. We aren't a big fan in partying afterwards, we'd like to relax and walk around the resort afterwards.

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St. Anton is much bigger & pretty much snow guaranteed.  Also better expert & off-piste skiing.  Kitzbuhel is lower (less snow) &  more intermediate oriented.  Kitzbuhel is a really cool town though.  I'd always go St. Anton between the two

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You said Kitzbuhel is a really cool town. Is it the architect/scenery? the atmosphere?


Are there better restaurants at St. Anton than Kitzbuhel?

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Lech-Zurs - cooler, bigger runs and around the corner from the Anton!

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I guess Kitzbuhel just has a great overall atomosphere.  It's pretty much the Mecca of skiing in Austria by virtue of holding the Hahnenkamm every Jan.  I guess that means it's more of the Mecca of ski-racing.  But that doesn't make it the best mountain to ski.  The food is great everywhere in Austria in my opinion.  I'd say restaurants are equally as good in both places.

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Kitzbuhel has the Hahnenkamn, which by itself if a must ski for anyone who cares about the history of the sport, and the town is uber-cool, with great places to eat and drink, but for skiing - Lech-Zurs-St Anton is the place. Big, great runs and mucho history.

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I lived near Munich for 6 years and skied Kitzbuhel & St. Anton a lot!!!  My recommendation, St. Anton!  Don't get me wrong, Kitzbuhel is a wonderful place to ski but the mountain and the town is far more tourist friendly than (in my opinion) Kitzbuhel.  On mountain and especially off mountain, you can't beat St. Anton.  But if you want the ski excitement of St. Anton and want a little more low-key town, head to the other side of the mountain and stay at Lech.  Than if you want to ski at St. Anton, it's a short bus ride away. 

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